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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Sage Advice for Senior Singles - Maureen Paton found herself back on the dating market after thirty years, and in her fifties. Despite her own concerns, she tackled the challenge and found a new love. Now she's offering her wit and wisdom to other mature single women in the same position. From make-overs to new wardrobes to warnings about singles ad lingo, Paton tells all. Armed with her marvelous advice, and still snickering at her stories, dating at any age will be no trouble at all!

How to Check Your Date's Background Online - These days we meet a lot of people online before we ever meet them in real life. From dating to job seeking, we're turning more and more often to the Internet to find just the right person. It's a well known fact, though, that its easy to deceive people in online interactions. Here are some excellent advice on how to check someone out online. Starting with a Google search and going on through warning signs to watch out for, this article is well worth reading.

The Dating Life of a Cougar - A new German study claims that an older woman dating a younger man can expect a shorter life span. According to this dating study, some of the reasons for that can be emotional stress, the stereotypical cougar lifestyle, which involves heavier drinking and smoking than is usual, and the fact that younger men aren't as likely to be care-taking partners as younger women are. Other sources doubt these findings, though, claiming that a physically and emotionally healthy woman shouldn't have anything to fear.

The Balance Act of Dating Friends - Dating friends, or friends of friends, can present some awkward problems, and internet matchmaking is one way to avoid those tricky situations that can arise when dating a friend doesn't work out. Online personals services present their own problems, though. It's a lot easier for someone to lie about themselves online, for one thing. However, web dating does make it easy to meet new singles you wouldn't have otherwise, and if it doesn't work out, at least you haven't lost a friend.

The Trend of Meeting Singles Online - Surveys by Match.com, and a Harris Interactive poll show a steady increase in single people meeting each other through web dating sites. Because of the way technology has changed our society, it's become easier to meet singles online than by more traditional means. More and more couples are meeting, dating, and getting married, after having met at a matchmaking website, and although there's still some stigma attached to online dating, it's becoming insignificant to measure.

A Dating Primer for Older Singles - It may seem like the younger crowd are handling dating a lot differently than we did when we were their age, but if you take a closer look, they really aren't. Texting may have replaced mumbled phone conversations, and FaceBook relationship statuses might be taking the place of trading class rings, but it's still all the same dating game. The technology might be considerably upgraded, but the tactics are still exactly the same.

The Science of Dating - Two scientists recently did a speed dating study that shows that the more potential dates a dater has to choose from when choosing a mate, the worse their choice tends to be. Having too many choices overwhelms the brain's ability to make a good decision.

Honesty in Dating - Here's an entertaining and informative article that advises honesty, accuracy in your dating profiles at Internet dating sites as a way to attract potential dates. Although generic profiles designed to garner lots of dates may look like a good idea, an honest dating profile will get you dates with other singles who match your interest better. It may mean fewer dates, but they'll be better dates. Check out and see why honesty really is the best quality, and start having better and more fun dates!

Free Online Dating Site Shows Growth - Here's an interesting article highlighting the growth and popularity of the free Internet dating site, Plenty of Fish. In these tough economic times, we're all tightening our belts to some degree or another, and that means cutting out a lot of spending. One thing you probably don't want to cut down on is looking for new potential dates or someone special to call your own. Read about Plenty of Fish in this article, and maybe you'll find a way to keep looking, without straining your budget.

Single Guy Dating Tips - As a guy it can be difficult to understand what girls want and even more so when it comes to online dating. Because some guys don't truly understand the inner working of dating females, their dating live is not what it can be. If you men really want to be on your A game, then you need to know what works and what doesn't. Find some valuable insight here before you go online again.

UK Singles Find Love Online - As recently as ten years ago, if you knew someone who had said they had fallen in love with a person they met online, then it was likely to be an isolated story. This is not the case anymore as more and more single people find their soul-mates through the internet. Britain has more than four million singles searching for online dates and there are a great number of success stories out there.

The Online Dating Approach - Dating online can offer opportunities to meet singles but you should definitely be reasonable with your expectations. Single people that are looking for a match online can be much more appealing from behind the computer then they are in person. Once you meet them in person you may find that they are not what you thought. Go into the experience with the expectation that you will have to form a connection with them in person and you can avoid potential heartbreaks down the road.

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