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Primer To Dating Online

Angela Myers, an assistant professor at Bethel College, was like many other online daters. She was busy and wanted a great way to meet other like-minded singles that might prove to be the light of her life. She, like a growing number of people, turned to the Internet to help her in her quest.

Angela did some homework before committing to a dating service. She scoured the website to see affiliations. In addition, she called the company for references. They said that members were privacy conscious and therefore not willing to give any recommendations. She erroneously believed them.

What she quickly realized, however, is that there are lots of swindlers online. Her nemesis went by the name of Executive Christian Dating. After laying out $947, Angela realized that something was amiss. Her matches were matches from other unrelated personals sites and some wouldn't contact her at all. She was merely looking for a mate, but this dating site took advantage of her position. Visit the WNDU-TV website to read the full story of her dating travails.

How do you protect yourself from being ripped off, you ask? Here are some great pointers to point you in the right direction:

- Choose dating sites that have been in business for a long time under the same ownership.

- Use personal and online resources to scout out highly recommended personals sites. One such resource is our website which lists great dating sites and contains tips and testimonials.

- Try not to pay too much money up front. Sign up for a couple of referrals, and if you are pleased, then pay for more.

- Find out if the dating service you're considering has had any complaints with the Better Business Bureau and your state's attorney general's office. Executive Christian Dating did.

Dating should be fun and exciting, not nerve-wracking and stressful. To maximize the effectiveness of your search for a mate, try using some of the basic steps listed in their article and reading over our in-depth dating reviews. Both are great resources to what online dating should be about.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com May 26, 2006 11:00 am

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