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On The Quest For Love

There are various articles going around claiming that the social stigma surrounding online dating has all but vanished. They say trawling internet dating sites in search for prospective singles is no longer considered the domain of losers, the socially inept, or the dregs of society, who would otherwise never luck out on the contemporary dating scene.

A study has been looking further into the psychology of web dating, and it has apparently found that despite the popularity and widespread use of the internet to conduct cyber dating that some women feel a bit reluctant about revealing that they've met their spouse or dating partner on the web.

The study in which this article has been based focused on single Canadian women and their apparent reluctance to broadcast the circumstances of how they met their significant other, particularly if they've found their love through an online matchmaking site. It isn't only the women, though. Even men who've successfully formed a romantic affiliation through the internet likewise prefer to be mum on where they first met their partners.

To dissect this type of attitude towards this type of dating, it will mean having to take a look at dating through history. Decades ago, it would have been scandalous to admit that you and your spouse met in a singles bar, that ubiquitous gathering place of desperate seekers. Further back, same sex relationships were a cause for furtiveness and secrecy to avoid disgusted glances on the street.

Even before that, interracial dating was the source of the ultimate shudder-factor. Imagine what it might have been like before the 1950's and you were caught dating someone on the wrong side of the tracks! These days, these types of romantic matchmakings are commonplace and hardly cause a stir.

Consider that online dating is relatively new in the arena of the quest for love (or sex, or companionship, as the case may be), having arrived on the scene just after the internet hit mainstream. Starting with chat rooms like the mIRc, and moving up to webcam-based meetings, it finally found a solid niche in personals services websites catering specifically to single people searching for romance over the net.

Finding love on online dating sites these days may not have the same shadowy and shameful connotations it used to have, but like the dating trends that have come, caused the expected commotion, and eventually died down, web dating will continue to evolve and fill in the vast room for improvement that currently exists. Years from now, your children will tell their pals, "Oh yeah, they met in the usual place – on the internet, where else?"

Only time will tell.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jan 22, 2008 9:24 am

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