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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Safety Stops on First Date - Women who use online personals services are more apt to give in to sex on the first date according to a few studies done regarding the services and singles that use them. Many women feel they know men that they meet online. After all, they've already chatted online and even ask the tough, personal questions about sexual history before meeting. This shared information and closeness that is felt can often lead to women throwing caution to the wind on a first date without even realizing they are doing it.

Dating Beyond Borders - Dating web sites have become one of the ways in which expatriates connect in foreign lands. A stranger to a country who has gone there perhaps for the sake of work, who does not speak the language well and does not know anyone socially, needs to connect with people in a like situation. If you’re bored and lonely in a new country, signing on to a personals website could be a great way of finding companionship.

The Jewish Dating Scene: NY City - Jewish singles are used to traveling long distances to find a spouse. But in our modern times, the internet is making it easier to form a long-distance relationship with someone from another side of the globe with the help of dating websites which provide the requisite infrastructure for searching and communication. Consequently, international Jewish marriages across the oceans are now becoming more common than ever.

A Take on Speed Dating - Speed dating may be the fuss-free answer to the baby-boomer generation's need to find a meaningful relationship. Or even just a steady date. But then again, it might not. Old fashioned expectations and misty-eyed sentimentality may find the process a little too cold and rushed to evoke any possible spark of romance. On the other hand, speed dating may be seen as a convenient way at securing a mate if traditional dating methods fails. Things are known to happen, who can tell?

How to Reign in the Online Dating Competition - If you want more choices and selection, try online dating. But with a ratio of 4 women for every 6 men for a typical dating service, how do you rise above everyone else? The answer is not easy. Your profile name and headline counts a lot. Also, a list of expectations will guide you. Mail correspondences are worth more than you think. Leaving a room for mystery will help as well. But then, if a profile is too mysterious, it could be too difficult for you too, if you don't keep your distance.

The Pros of Online Dating - With the continued popularity of online dating, traditional ways of meeting singles seem to be out. More and more people are now meeting and dating right from the web. Dating online is the answer to the incredibly busy world of today because it present several advantages over traditional dating. So, go ahead and create your profile and start mingling online with other singles in your area.

Meetic.com Keeps Dating Simple - The idea of spending time in the arms of a complete stranger has an allure all its own. As more and more people around the world are finding out, it is very difficult to pass up such an exciting opportunity, especially when it can be found from the private confines of one's own home. Irrespective of marital status, more and more people are taking one another to bed courtesy the services of online adult personals sites whose business it is to provide just such opportunities.

Sugar and Spice Dating - One cannot find fault with the honesty of those young women who post personals online detailing their need for a sugar daddy. Though passed off as regular online dating, these profiles are different; they seek support from affluent, older males and sometimes make explicitly sexual favours in return. Both partners seek to make it a win-win situation: it could be an unemotional, discreet relationship that provides both parties with exactly what they want, without otherwise infringing on their day-to-day lives.

The Shrinking Dating Pool - With fewer and fewer eligible males available to women for dating in some parts of the world, forming romantic relationships has become a tricky act for single women. Older women are going out with younger men, and there is a lot of speculation on the reason behind the imbalance in the gender ratio. More and more women are exploring unconventional avenues to meet men and are finding it increasingly difficult to find Mr. Right without some or the other kind of compromise.

The Stigma of Dating Older Women - Demographics can definitely be of value for people who're wading through a jungle of online profiles in search of potential partners. But these convenient categories – which are a requisite of one's profile on any reputable dating web site – can also serve to hide a lot of diamonds in the rough. Women in the 'over 55' age bracket often face an uphill battle in the world of Internet dating. Are many of the commonly held assumptions about them – for example, that they no longer have much interest in sex – warranted?

The Advantages of Group Dating - It's the night of the big first date. You've built up a lot of expectations in your mind, but it's obvious from the first few minutes that things aren't going to pan out. You force a few laughs and grope frantically for something to talk about. Wouldn't it be great if some other people were there to keep the conversation flowing and take some of the pressure off of your shoulders? Such is the appeal of group dating, and some have discovered that going out with friends in tow can alleviate much of the awkwardness and risk that's typically associated with one-on-one engagements.

Chinese Singles Seeking Love Online - Webmasters running online dating sites might be foolish to ignore the market represented by China's population – some 130 million of whom are regular web users. But the e-dating craze has been slow to take in the country, mostly due to the more old-fashioned (at least, by American standards) way that Chinese men and women approach intimacy and marriage. Will time see Chinese singles shed more of their concerns about parental and societal expectations, enough so that they can whole-heartedly welcome the new matchmaking options offered by the Internet?

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