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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Dating Full Circle - The same principle that explains magnetism can hold the key to romantic chemistry; at least, that's how the common thinking goes. The polarity of opposites gives birth to attraction, and the thrill of dating someone much different from us. But this excitement can oftentimes be short-lived. Many couples, however – particularly minorities of mixed heritage – find that the common ground that they share through their cultural heritage makes it possible for their love to thrive over the long haul.

Online Dating: Shedding the Stigma - When the advent of the Internet first made it possible for singles to connect online, most people viewed the pursuit of love in cyberspace as an ambition reserved for losers and geeks. Now, many are changing their minds and taking the idea a lot more seriously. Indeed, they are embracing it in droves. After all, online dating web sites can afford people better opportunities for getting acquainted than noisy bars and crowded restaurants do - without the pressure and anxiety that so often accompanies first dates in the real world.

Age is No Barrier to Dating Savvy - Who said that casual dating was a privilege of the young? With so many baby boomers made eligible due to divorce or bereavement, the playing field is fairly level all around. Or perhaps the senior singles actually have the upper hand, as a recent article suggests. After all, there are just as many desirable candidates for them to choose from, and they're likely to possess more hard-earned wisdom and experience in matters of the heart to help insure that the choice they make is the right one.

The Appeal of Adult Personals - The notion of sex without attachment is hardly new, but the anonymity and ease of meeting new sexual partners online has made this age-old ideal - all benefits with no risk - seem much more attainable to both the newer and the older generations. One recent article traces the evolution of casual-sex pursuits via the web. Is the new trend of the so-called technosexual generation redefining intimacy or is it just merely the new way to skirt around it entirely?

Creating a Winning Profile - It is in the nature of online dating that men and women are attracted to well-written profiles attached to presentable pictures. Obviously, personals should contain the best face of subscriber dater, presented wittily and without generalization. Seeking a date online can be easy if one can express oneself ideally in writing. One could even consider hiring a dating expert to produce a well-written profile, without extra embellishments. A snappy profile could be your ticket to a dream date.

Single Parent Dating Do's and Don'ts - With the increased number of modern-day divorces, there are a number of freshly divorced singles looking out to find love again. It may be difficult to date when you are resingled, but if you address the reasons why your previous relationship did not work out and give yourself a mental and physical makeover, you increase your chances. Insightful suggestions on these lines could just be your answer to finding a dream date once more, and perhaps set you thinking of marrying again.

More UK Singles Are Meeting Online - The famously stiff upper lip does not feature on the British dating scene any longer. Though still cautious, UK singles are increasingly pouring out their emotions online while looking for love. Lack of time or confidence usually plays a major role in making this decision to jump on the online dating bandwagon. While some of them try going online to just get their feet wet in the internet personals arena, others are serious about their search for partners on the web.

The Truth About Dating - True.com has been sued for allegedly continuing to charge customers who have closed or canceled their membership. Its provision of owning perpetual rights to member profile pictures and information even after the expiry of membership has also been questioned by the lawsuit. In the world of online love crammed with dating sites emerging every day, sites with similar issues are not uncommon. For long-term safety and satisfaction, it is better to check all the policies of a dating service before signing up.

Gen-X Dating Online - Online dating is the playing field of techno-savvy Gen-Xers. Most of the correspondence before the actual meeting between online daters happens through anonymous emails and chats. Even though it could mean that the relationship becomes very intense very quickly, a traditional face-to-face interaction still remains the only absolute acid test for compatibility. Though finding a date online is no longer something to be hidden in modern society, the speed and convenience of finding potential dates may undermine the value.

On The Go Dating - The dating game has been a waiting game for as long as one can remember, but not anymore. With mobile dating, you can jump on the dating bandwagon instantly. If you travel a lot, and finding a date socially seems nearly impossible, subscribe to a mobile dating service. It will put you in touch with potential dates in your vicinity, no matter where you are. Landing yourself a date just got easier than it was ever before.

Online Love Bridges Cultrual Differences - In a world torn by strife and hostility, love and understanding may help bring about lasting peace. And one way love naturally tends to occur is on the internet where physical and ideological boundaries melt away. Not surprisingly, online personals websites tend to bring disparate people together and promote a desire for seeing each other's point of view. One example is the popularity of Israeli dating websites amongst Muslims from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where the concept of dating is unknown.

Single Dads Finding Love Online - Single dads who end up doing double parental duties hardly have any time left for romance due to home and office commitments. To fill in this void, online dating sites have stepped up to cater to the growing segment of single dads who are seeking romantic options. By ensuring that possible dating candidates are neither married or criminals, websites like True.com are facilitating online dating for single dads.

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