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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

eHarmony Is Heating Up - Homosexuality is part of modern existence, and more and more people are accepting it for what it is: a fact of life. A majority of dating websites has a provision for gay daters, and welcome homosexuals on board. But others may target particular segments of singles, like those seeking heterosexual relationships or marriage. So, is it fair to not include potential members that are gay? After all, there are many gay's only sites, which do not accept heterosexuals.

Savvy Seniors Seeks Love Online - Single baby-boomers are a new niche being explored by online dating services. The target demographic is affluent and internet savvy enough to look for love online. These are interesting individuals who don't encounter suitable people in the course of their daily lives. But with the help of the internet, senior singles can take control of their lives, and seek whatever it is they want: platonic or sexual companionships, long-term relationships and even a shot at marriage.

The Dilemma of Bisexual Dating - For a single man or woman looking for love on a dating website, member profiles are the quick and easy way to find out more about prospective dates. But when this profile includes bisexuality, it is banned from most dating services. This concerns bisexuals seeking either a gay or a straight relationship online because they have no way of telling the truth about themselves. Homosexuality has found acceptance, but when it comes to bisexuality, online personals sites have yet to extend a welcome.

Single Parent Dating Checklist - Your divorce is complete. It's been years since you've been on a date and the prospect of going out on one again fills you with both nervousness and excitement. You've just met someone interesting, and the first date is scheduled. You tell your family and friends, who are thrilled for you. You tell your kids, who throw a fit. You shake your head in confusion. Where did that come from? The divorce was over long ago, the transitions complete. Isn't dating the next natural step?

Saving Up for Romance - Perhaps the biggest thorn in the side of many relationships is the state of one's finance and though online dating and personals sites do a great job of getting lots of details out of the way early, rare is the personals profile that talks about Roth IRAs and no-load mutual funds. Matchmaking sites like eHarmony looks at a wide variety of personality traits, but not often discussed is the spending vs. saving component of each person's financial perspective. Those dating singles that neglect to discuss financial tendencies early on may regret that decision when the big-ticket items start to present themselves as possibilities.

Online Dating Continues Nordic March - In many ways, the world of online dating has been a bit of a phenomenon that has really taken hold in the United States as a way for singles to escape the bar or club scene and get right to finding out what makes someone tick. That response has caused some companies, like Match.com, to think more globally and apply those same successful principles overseas. With data recently released about dating in the Nordic region, it is readily apparent that online dating is not only a force across the Atlantic, but that at least one familiar name has a hand in that success.

The Complexity of Dating - Online dating can be a starkly different experience from one person to the next. Just as dating someone met at a bar or club has its ups and downs, so too does online dating have its good and bad. However, much of that reaction within a person can be traced back to a person's feelings about dating in the first place. Does it intimidate you? Does it scare you? Does it sound inviting? However you look at dating is likely how you will experience it, so just what kind of mind frame are you in when you look through a personals or matchmaking site? One writer talks about just that with a few naked truths.

Steer Clear of Dating Pitfalls - When you hear the term deal breaker, you usually think of a business setting. But the dating world has its own version. A dating deal breaker is a quality or characteristic that you just can't live with, such as someone who doesn't want to have children or a potential dating partner that has vastly different religious beliefs. According to Bethany Marshall, a Beverly Hills psychoanalyst, relationships are based on sexual and emotional needs and negative events in the beginning of a relationship can indicate other problems.

Is Love Getting You Down? - Recent surveys about sexual happiness give conflicting reports of Americans' happiness with their love lives. One claims that more than half of Americans are not fully satisfied, but another asserts that more than two out of three are happy. So which survey is true? Are Americans happy or not?

Is MySpace Safe Enough? - Who is responsible for protecting children from sex offenders on MySpace? On May 2, 2007, MySpace began running software to identify profiles created by sexual predators and has deleted 7,000 that it located so far. But what about offenders who have not yet been convicted, are using fake names, or are not registered with police? MySpace proposes requiring predators to register their email addresses with police along with their physical addresses, but it's easy to get around that. Parents are responsible for making sure kids are not mingling with adult singles offline. Why should it be any different online?

The Non-Verbal Cues of Dating - Have you ever thought that going up to a woman and grabbing her bosoms is an acceptable alternative to simply saying hello? Well, 3.5 percent of the respondents of a recent poll said that was the case. The kicker? All of the respondents were women. That is the kind of evidence that makes a switch to online dating palatable for a wide range of single men and women. The bar scene, it seems, is just as stereotypes have suggested it to be. Oh, and don't forget to grind that cute girl in the corner. Thirty percent of all respondents described that as a viable way to meet someone as well.

The Ultimate Battle: Kissing vs. Sex - Peanut butter vs. jelly. Ginger vs. Mary Ann. Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird. These are the great confrontations of our time and kissing vs. sex may just be the latest entrant to the list, a true battle royale of intimacy that plays out in everyone's mind whether they think about it consciously or not. Which do you spend your time thinking about? When you see a sexy profile online, which bit of physical contact does your mind leap to? There may be no true correct answer, but the debate is probably more fun than a definitive answer anyway.

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