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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

The Intimate Dating Factor - How do you know when it's the right time to get physically intimate with a dating partner? Experts say to wait until you're committed, but that's not the way it usually works out in the real world. If you don't wait long enough, you've just complicated a relationship with a stranger, and if you wait too long, you become a ball of frustrated energy. You also run the risk of becoming attached to someone who's only out for a good time. Is there really a right time?

A Cautionary Tale of Dating Online - The courtship might have begun online, a love at first profile kind of thing, and continued offline through a series of dates and weekend getaways. Then, the first loan request floats by and money troubles start to arise. Pretty soon, your dear love owes you thousands of dollars and one day disappears. While this is of course a worst-case scenario, it happened to a Florida woman after a chance eHarmony meeting. Online or off, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure that in the search for your love, you don’t find yourself a victim instead.

A Nice Date or A Blind Date? - Are blind dates worth it? Matchmakers who set them up invariably describe the potential date as being a nice person and note that you both love the same sport or went to the same school. Those things don't necessarily make a good match, but they can provide for some interesting chat. If that's not enough for you, ask some insightful questions to avoid a yawn fest. Then again, a blind date could lead to the beginning of a great dating relationship.

Dating Singles Are Seeing Green - Sometimes all you need for a great date is a green heart. People usually think of obvious issues such as race and religion as dating deal breakers. Less obvious are traits of ecologic responsibility including recycling, conserving electricity and driving a vehicle that doesn't guzzle gas. A new survey shows that single adults believe that having a partner who is committed to preserving the environment is just as important. The key to leaving behind the blues of a single life may be finding a dating partner with a green heart.

Stop Squirming, You're Sending Mixed Signals - Every dating single has a filter in their brain that blocks out the comments that aren't socially acceptable from ever being uttered. Some single women and men have good filters, some have bad, but everyone has them and on a first date, the filter can be put into overdrive. So, as your date is sitting across the table refraining from calling you boring or ugly, getting a feel for that person's body language can cut right past the filter. There is no truth serum quite like body language to tell you all you need to know about your dating prospects that evening.

Falling Hard Before The First Date - Single men and women have turned to online dating as a way to filter out some of the less-than-desirable dating candidates without having to waste the time and energy getting to know someone with simply one too many stuffed animals at home. However, just because you may have whittled down the group of potential dates to a smaller group doesn't mean that you can start setting your expectations high. As anyone that has blown up their expectations before the first date knows, it can be a hard fall when those expectations are shot.

The Mechanic and the Actress: A Love Story - Many singles have had the daydream of dating a famous person, maybe an actor or actress, and entering the world of high-class parties and private jets to Rome. It turns out, those famous actresses and actors may just be daydreaming of a mechanic or civil engineer when they think about meeting someone new. High-end matchmakers have become more and more prominent in Hollywood, matching up single A-list celebrities with those outside the industry in the hopes of finding something real in an industry that can sometimes be notoriously fake.

Every Age Group Needs Dating Protection - Whether you are reentering the dating world or have been there for a few years, senior singles have special issues that confront them when it comes time to meeting someone new. Some might be after your money, some might be after sex and some might truly be wonderful people but separating the good from the bad can be difficult. Singles at any age know that to be the case, but keeping in mind some simple dating tips both online and off can help you protect yourself when it comes to the tricky matter of finding love.

Chemistry’s Anti-eHarmony Campaign - The race for online dating site supremacy has turned relative newcomer Chemistry.com against the more established eHarmony.com in a marketing campaign designed to label eHarmony as a restrictive service that can alienate some singles. Chemistry's move to specifically attack a highly popular matchmaking site shows the increasing importance of differentiation in the online personals and matchmaking world, a move that could help daters in the long term with new, more comprehensive features in a play for the minds and wallets of those who look for their romance via the Internet.

Velvet Rope For Online Dating: Are You Hot Enough? - After waiting in line for an hour to get into a bar, you finally get to the front of the line, only to be told be a group of your peers that you are simply not attractive enough to get inside. Only the incredibly attractive are allowed inside, happy to be with their own kind. Online dating site HotEnough.org is built on the same general premise and while it might ensure a bar full of attractive people in the real world, taking that same concept to the world of online personals does not translate.

Online Dating and the Scientific Method - If the Internet is about one thing, it is about freedom and choice. The online dating world is no exception as there are online matchmaking services for all types of singles. One approach that has been utilized by eHarmony in the United States and now Parship in Ireland entails putting potential daters through extensive questionnaires to derive personality traits and compatibility factors. These findings are then used to match up two members that are found to be potentially compatible. Do you like the idea of an online dating service doing some of the legwork for you or do you value the ability to search through a wide array of profiles?

Getting On The Online Dating Roller Coaster - Everyone's experience with online dating and personals sites is different. There are some that come on to a matchmaking site for the first time, find the man or woman of their dreams and never have the need to go back. Others spend a great amount of time emailing and chatting on the phone, never finding the right person to date. Most of us fall in the middle and as a recent article points out, even if the journey is not immediately fruitful, it can certainly be an entertaining ride through the good, bad and ugly of dating.

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