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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Brain Dating Gains Ground - Though tight abs and an attractive body have long been staples of attracting a date, a strong mind and a well-exercised brain may just be the new desirable body parts. Singles both online and off are starting to kick the bar scene to the curb in favor of more intellectual pursuits like library lectures and debates to get the brain juices flowing and the conversation pumping on first dates and beyond. Would a lecture about postmodernism draw your attention on a first date? Many daters have so far answered yes and have found it an enriching experience.

Injecting Cool Into Online Dating In Britain - According to Meetic, the juggernaut online dating service that has swept up 80 percent of France's market share in the online dating services industry, dating is about fun and chance encounters more so than more serious endeavors like love and long term commitment. That approach has paid off well in France, marking a stark contrast from the love-oriented American online dating scene. However, will Britain prove to lean toward the American concept of online dating as a love destination or the French position of valuing the spontaneity and fun of a new and exciting encounter?

Why Online Singles eMail The People They Do - Though it likely didn't take a study breaking down the dating habits of a large group of online singles to prove it, tall men seem to have an advantage both in the dating world and the working world. A short man, at least according to this survey, has to make much more money than a tall man to simply even the playing field. How much money? Well, if you're not an actor or professional athlete (hopefully not basketball), odds are you're going to need to take out a second mortgage to swing the difference.

The Internet Dating Research Assistant - Be careful what you go searching for. You just might find it. That is probably the motto that should surround the practice of Googling or cruising social networking sites for information on a person you are going to go out on a date with. No matter where you met this person, the ability to find out some background information as a way to kick the tires is a strong pull for many singles. The research can both help you in figuring out where common ground might lie and hurt you in exposing you to information out of context and without the input of the person in question. So, take what you find with a grain of salt as nothing online can compare to the experience of actually talking to and getting to know someone.

Nailing Down Speed Dating Basics - The speed dating world is a bit like the online dating world a few years ago. People know that it's out there, might be a little hazy on the details and generally would like to try it but might not know the best way to do it. As a way to fill the gap between traditional dating routes (friends of friends, bars), speed dating is quickly becoming an excellent way to meet people that you might not normally come into contact with. Singles are catching on to that fact and just as online dating started its rise to popularity, so too has speed dating.

The Speed Dating Race Card - If a recent study conducted on single graduate students during a speed dating exercise is to be believed, a black woman and a white woman might rate a particular white man the same level of attractiveness, but the white woman is much more likely to want to date that white man in the future. Why is this? Single black women, according to the study, were the most resistant in dating outside of their race and women overall were more resistant than men. What has led to this race divide with a gender basis in dating?

A Bedroom Full of Deal Breakers - No one wants to find out that you live with your mom. No one wants to find out that your apartment has been kept the same way since you were 19. No one wants to date someone in their 30s and find a twin bed at home. No matter how well your date or online relationship might be going, there are deal breakers for everyone and because the home is so closely tied to your personality, your bedroom is one place where many find just such deal breakers that derail a budding relationship before it even has a chance.

Online Dating In A Muslim World - Online dating can be called a practice in discovering opportunity. Maybe you found someone online that you would have not had the chance to meet in a bar. Maybe you ran across an online profile you liked a lot of someone new and different you wouldn't normally talk to. Muslim singles are now finding online matchmaking sites tailored specifically for that purpose, creating new opportunities in a traditional Islamic world. From traditional methods like setting up arranged meetings with family members present to more modern pursuits like chat rooms, the opportunities are now out there, and online, for Muslim singles.

Extreme Makeover: Dating Profile Edition - Though you probably shouldn't judge a book by its cover, judging a potential mate by their online dating profile is the only basis those that use dating sites have to go on. With that in mind, two companies have developed services to take online profiles from the sea of mediocrity most profiles fall into and into the realm of truly unique dating profiles that capture the attention of the right singles. Are you sure that your dating profile says what you want it to say or did you slap it together with a few minutes of writing and a book of classic dating cliches?

Dating…Without Meat - When vegetarians and vegans make up only one to five percent of the population, dating specifically like-minded potential mates can be a difficult prospect. Common pick up lines do not often center on someone’s feelings about meat, so online dating sites have begun to fill that void. Catering specifically to vegetarian and vegan singles, online dating sites have removed that question from the equation all together, allowing daters to quickly and easily find other vegetarians and vegans in their area without the hassle of awkward initial conversations.

When Dating Legislation Misses The Point - Meeting your potential foreign bride through an online dating site is against federal law and a recent court decision has held up that law. While women's rights groups advocate that foreign brides brought to the United States experience an elevated rate of abuse, there are of course many couples in the country that are happy with the results. Does creating a law that paints with such a wide brush make sense to address the problem some international brides have faced or is removing any kind of abuse a victory for women everywhere?

Those That Can, Do; Those That Can’t, Date? - We have all had teachers in our lives that perhaps were wonderful at conveying a message but putting that message into practice was a more difficult prospect. The world of dating coaches is no different and one such teacher preaches boldness and preparedness to her students will clamming up as shy in front of those she might be interested in. Would you spend up to $2,000 (the cost of a five-week course) to learn at the hands of someone with great ideas but not a lot on her dating resume?

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