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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Casual Dating Gets More Instant Gratification - Meeting singles at any online dating site entails a progression of communication methods. The first few messages might be sent via email, the next few through an instant messaging client, then maybe a few phone conversations and ultimately a face to face meeting. Adult casual dating site SexInTheUK.com has targeted the instant messaging phase with the release of site-specific instant messaging client designed to give members of the site more flexible communication options. The client helps bridge the gap between email and phone conversation, offering a better hint of someone’s personality in an easy and efficient way.

Your Dating Flavor Of The Night - While we've all been on dates that defy description or categorization, there are some generally accepted common date types that can be broken down into a few set examples. A recent article ran through a few of the categories dating singles can expect to see, whether they want to or not, when they're on the prowl for a date both online and off. Not familiar with the concept of a breeze-by date? If you’ve ever had coffee to size someone up, you are.

Should Background Checks Rule Online Dating? - It would seem that arguing against the idea of making sure that those pursuing dates online are actually single and free of sexual felonies would be a difficult prospect. Indeed, there are benefits seen in the way True.com and others have pledged to weed out the bad apples from the dating crowd, but as a recent decision in the Illinois legislature to avoid intertwining background checks and online dating in law shows, while these background checks do serve their purpose, portraying them as universal cure-alls is a bit too far.

Online Dating Becoming A Woman's Game? - On the surface, it sounds like any man's dream. A recent study suggests that the majority of online singles on many of the most popular dating sites is female and on some sites, outnumbering men two to one. The question then becomes why online dating has done so well in bringing women to the dating scene and why particular personals sites seem geared to attract single, available women much more readily than their male counterparts. Could the answer be as simple as how many questions are on the sign up form?

Faith and Sexual Orientation Meet Online - Justin Cannon saw an online dating industry populated by personals websites that catered specifically to Christian singles and dating sites that catered specifically to gay and lesbian singles, but few that explicitly combined the two. With that thought in mind, RainbowChristians.com was born, one personals website in a growing segment of online dating sites serving gay and lesbian singles specifically looking for Christian singles. Mainstream media has taken notice of the combination and so have daters using sites like ChristianGays.com and others like it.

New Kid On Block Ruffles Feathers…True Story - True.com singles ads seem to be everywhere these days, peddling subscriptions to the dating service via the time tested method of bra and panty advertising. While such methods have historically been successful, and True.com has been no exception, the tactic has left other online personals services up in arms about what True.com is turning the online dating industry into. By changing the game with routine background checks of members and playing a hand in raising online dating ad rates across the board, the service has attracted a large audience of singles and a large bull’s eye on its back as well.

Dusting Off Your Dating Chops - Imagine being part of a long marriage, comfortable for an extended period of time only to be thrust back onto the dating scene again. For those experiencing that very situation, online dating has become a go-to resource for newly singles because of its low-pressure technique of matching up people. Instead of heading full steam into the dating scene and getting assaulted by the various changes that have taken place over the past few years, online dating has helped many singles take it a bit slower in reintroducing themselves to the dating public.

The Beginning of the Online Dating Experience - For those that have participated in online dating, there are probably ten or twenty positive stories to be heard for every negative experience. That being said, with the built-in ability of online dating to weed out undesirable mates, some basic safeguards should be taken when meeting singles online. It truly is better to be safe than sorry and while young people especially have shown in some studies to be more comfortable online, those same young people can sometimes lose sight of a few of the safety techniques that should be used when sharing information online or meeting in person for the first time.

Single Moms: Dating On A Schedule - A single mom must be uneducated. A single mom must want someone to be a father figure for her child right off the bat. A single mom must have done something wrong to be alone. These are just a few of the misconceptions some dating men have of single mothers, a staggering example of how difficult it can be for single moms to navigate the already difficult enough dating world. Thankfully, online dating and some truth telling about these misconceptions have joined forces to help single moms looking to fit in some romance between music recitals and soccer practice.

Violence Pushes Iraqi Singles Online - Not everyone has to deal with bombs going off down the street or fire fights in a nearby alley, but for young people in Iraq, contending with such things is a daily part of life. To circumvent that and still maintain a semblance of a social life, many young Iraqi singles are turning to the Internet. These young people are connecting both with potential love connections and relatives that they may have not seen in months for fear of leaving the home. For these people, the Internet offers a refuge from the storm outside.

JDate’s Most Recent Evolution - JDate, the site catering specifically to online Jewish singles, has opened its doors even wider with some site changes that have welcomed in gay and lesbian Jewish daters, as well as singles open to converting to Judaism for the right person. These efforts have served to give JDate room to grow and accommodate Jewish daters with varied interests. These steps are necessary in the evolution of JDate from the domain of single, heterosexual Jewish singles to a wider spectrum of the population.

The Online Dating World In A Nutshell - The maturation of online dating is best reflected in the array of choices ready for a dater that chooses to take the online plunge. On a site like Match.com, the publicity of the site and the number of singles it has attracted can offer a low-pressure look at a wide variety of potential dates in a short period of item. This nature has been contrasted by smaller niche dating sites that have zeroed in on a particular demographic, an important part of the online dating world and one that is a must if you have a very specific want or desire.

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