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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Long Term Relationships Elusive For Any Orientation - In life, few things are as elusive to many as a fulfilling, long-term relationship. Singles of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and races have found that to be case and while online dating has certainly stirred the dating scene pot a bit, typical issues like shyness can still disrupt the dating process. An interest in casual or short-term relationships seems not to be to blame either, leading to the interesting situation where online singles enjoy online dating and use it in droves, but long-term relationship success can still be difficult to find.

Baby Boomers Plunge Back Into Dating - For many in the baby boomer generation, topics like sexually transmitted diseases were minor issues in dating years passed, but as divorces happen and spouses pass away, a number of senior singles have been faced with confronting those issues and others all over again. Online dating sites have targeted baby boomers as a large, important market and senior singles are quickly finding that while there are some obstacles to overcome on the way back to the dating world, online dating websites can erase some of those fears with their low-pressure nature.

The Many Ways To Meet Singles - The world of meeting singles can be a challenging one to traverse and sometimes even well meaning gestures like blind dates or getting set up with a friend of a friend can turn out to be meeting method mistakes. However, as one recent article has described, there are a number of methods out there for singles looking for that special person in their life and relatively new methods like online dating and speed dating are filling in some of the gaps for many potential daters.

Muslim Dating Stays Steeped In Tradition - A recent article has delved into the world of traditional Islamic dating where physical contact is strictly forbidden before the wedding day and meetings between a potential husband and wife are always attended by a third party. What the article serves to highlight is the ability of online dating to serve the needs of specific group of singles, offering a solution that can fit into the lives of all those involved and has the potential to deliver the special relationship a particular group of singles are looking for.

Problems Know No Sexual Orientation - Though a gay man may have to go through the somewhat awkward process of using some caution and discretion when meeting other gay singles, the basic problems of the eventual relationship will most likely mirror those of a typical heterosexual couple. That might seem like basic logic to some, but to those that assert that gay or lesbian singles might find dating a little more difficult, a recent article helps clear up that point. Simply, relationships can be difficult no matter who is involved.

European Dating Searches Show Growth - Online dating sites have long made it a practice to add different segments of people to their sites to continually grow. As the service grows, the site is able to pull from an increasingly comprehensive database of online singles to attract even more new members. The next target for some sites already established in the United States could be Europe, a region where one study suggests interest in online dating is both on the rise and susceptible to brand name loyalty. Match.com is one such site that has forged an identity in the European market and other prominent singles sites might soon follow suit.

Speed Dating Is No Silver Bullet - It is inevitable given the kind of effort it can sometime take to meet people that some will look for an easier route to finding the perfect person and the perfect relationship. Speed dating is one such attempt, combining what is supposed to be a low pressure event with a number of eligible singles to see if something sticks. As one writer found out, no form of dating, speed, online or otherwise, is immune to the fact that there will be bad dates but there will also be good ones too.

A Renaissance In Chivalry - As with many things in life, success in dating, online or off, can be found in the small details. In dating, those details come in the form of chivalry which can be something as complicated as a set of rules to govern how you act on a date or simply an idea that you should be polite and respectful of whoever you are taking out. No matter your personal take, a recent article suggests that the concept of chivalry is still very much alive for most women and a few simple gestures can show that same chivalry during an online dating courtship.

Hitting The Senior Speed Dating Circuit - After losing a loved one after a long relationship is extremely difficult, but the periods of loneliness that can last well after the loss can sometimes do more harm than the loss itself. To that end, speed dating of all things has been introduced in some areas to give senior singles a way to meet others their own age and in a similar situation. The program, recently unveiled in Cedar Falls, Iowa, modifies a few of the rules but stays true to the basic premise of getting face time with a great number of people to see if some kind of connection can be made, friend or more.

LavaLife’s Good, Bad & Ugly - Online dating portal LavaLife uses a unique pay system for its members, charging for credits that must be purchased to interact on an instant message or e-mail basis with other members of the site. This pay structure does much to color the experience one journalist had while investigating the service, an exercise that turned up traits to the service that came out to be less than desirable in light of the site's passionate user base and entrenched position online, particularly in Canada where the article states that LavaLife is currently the most popular online dating site.

Online Dating's Tangled Webs - Verifying information in online dating profiles has become a fashionable way for online dating sites to claim that their dating user base is more authentic and more real than the competitor's. Measures have been taken like requiring background checks on some sites to prove certain aspects of a profile and while that can be effective in some cases, one researcher has made it his hypothesis that the very language used in deception in computer-aided environments like online dating sites can be definitively distinguished from truthful speech, a hypothesis with some interesting repercussions for online dating sites.

Online Dating Sites Look To Capture Boom - Online dating sites can sometimes look intimidating or come off as simple a place where younger people set up chance encounters to those not familiar with the Internet or online dating sites. Such has long been the case for some senior singles, but Match.com has made a considerable investment in changing that perception to draw in users from the baby boomer generation to augment profits in what has become an intensely competitive online dating industry. Intense marketing and operational changes have positioned Match.com to take advantage of such a windfall.

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