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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Simply The Perfect Dating Profile - Whether you are setting up an online dating profile for first or 50th time, you do not want to be remembered by those that browse by your profile as the guy that thought he was funny and failed or the woman that bared it all for her profile picture. These and other dating pitfalls are detailed in a recent article that sets forth some great tips for creating a compelling, interesting profile that will garner responses from the types of singles you're looking to meet.

Virtual Dating, Real World Tips - For some participants in online dating, romance as it shifts from a series of online communications to an offline, real world meeting can sometimes get lost in translation. To help dating singles better make the shift to a long-term relationship, PerfectMatch.com has rolled out a partnership with BeBetterGuys.com to offer tips and advice to men specially tailored for the PerfectMatch singles crowd. The low-pressure nature of online dating has drawn some men because of the ability to work up a conversation before braving a face-to-face meeting and it seems this new service is aimed directly at that demographic.

A Singles Guide To Valentine's Day - Are you itching for a date, just because Valentine's Day is around the corner? Stop! Don't be desperate, needy or begging for a date just because a greeting card company is telling you that you need one. Treat Valentine's Day like any other day – keep your eyes open, but always be true to yourself first.

Online Dating Feels Ripples Of Social Networking - Looking through a batch of MySpace profiles might not turn up anything about finding a mate, establishing a real connection or hunting down a date for Saturday night, but more and more singles are looking to social networking sites to do just that. As online dating websites have seen competition grow from social networking sites, they have long discussed having to adapt to the changing Internet landscape to accommodate the ever-shifting taste of online users. Figuring out a way to take advantage of the social networking revolution might be one of the ways to do just that.

Some Online Dating Safeguards - As long as people have sought a romantic connection with someone else, those connections have been sabotaged by lies and deception from time to time. While most of us go through a life full of relationships without meeting someone who is married but claiming to be single, the fact is that daters are using background checks as a more prominent tool in weeding out the bad seeds, online or off. Everything from criminal records to financial information can be had to verify that the single mom you've met online is just that.

Sifting Through The Singles Bin - Dating can be an awkward prospect. After sharing a few meals, you gradually learn more about each other and often get to a point when the accumulated knowledge you've gathered simply suggests someone not at all suited for you. What if there was a way to cut through all of that and get to what really matters to you? Well, online dating has attempted to fill that void for many singles and for one particular woman born in Azerbaijan, it was the key to finding just what she wanted in a potential mate.

Valentine's Day: So Close and Yet So Far - It is natural to take stock of yourself at the beginning of every year. Your job should be looked at, your home and of course your social life. More and more during the period between January 1 and February 14, as people re-examine their love lives, they see something they don't like. More break ups happen during the run up to Valentine's Day than during any other part of the year, a tough blow for couples, but a promise of new people to the dating scene for long-suffering singles.

Why Do You MySpace? - Analyzing what causes a teen to do anything can often be a daunting task, just ask my mother. However, when looking at why social networking sites have become such a big part of Internet traffic, it is no mystery how these sites were built. Teens flocked to them complete with a full network of friends, a digital camera to post pictures and the insatiable desire to share every intimate detail of their lives with all of their friends. Teens and world change might seem an odd pair, but that's just what these teens have done with the rise of MySpace, Facebook and the lot.

eHarmony Makes Play For Married Demographic - Double digit growth for online dating sites may be a thing of the not-so-distant past, but eHarmony is looking to grab a chunk of the market not previously explored by online dating sites: married couples. Through a new marriage counseling offering, eHarmony and sites like it are making a play to flesh out service sets to grab as many people as possible. Match.com has hitched its star to Dr. Phil and others are likely to follow suit. Will you go to an online site when your marriage hits the rocks?

Singles Group Pushes Face-to-Face Interaction - While online dating can be a boon to people looking for a low-pressure way to interact with a large number of singles that can be handpicked by setting special criteria, it can also be difficult at times to convey true personality traits. Private email exchanges, instant messaging and live video chats can only carry a conversation so far, drawing some singles to the world of organized social events geared to give men and women the ability to meet new people in a non-threatening way.

A Shot In The Arm For Online Dating - After the Thanksgiving turkey has been devoured and the holiday presents have all been opened, it seems that the minds of singles have turned briskly to finding someone to share New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day with. Online dating sites, despite seeing below-average Novembers on most sites, are banking on the traditional bump in activity seen during the period between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Singles nationwide, it seems, have resolved in great numbers to find a new mate in the coming year.

1 in 4 Online Singles Condone A Fib or Two - So you've fallen for a beautiful woman right in your age bracket and just the type you're usually attracted to. That's the good news. The bad news is that the ravaging beauty you've stayed up nights chatting online with might just be someone completely different. A recent poll suggests that as many as one in four online dating singles feel that a white lie here and there is ok, which is certainly enough to ask a few more probing questions when the time comes.

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