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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Coaching Singles to Flirt Effectively - With busy lifestyles, demanding routines, and fewer opportunities to meet organically, many worthy singles find that meeting others for romance can be a time-consuming quest that is unlikely to end well without proper coaching. As more individuals seek esoteric knowledge to help them meet other singles for romance, a new industry emerges. Willing daters trade their personal body coaches for relationship, first-time meeting, and skillful presentation coaches who help them to find their best approach to romantic connections.

Sharing Spaces: The State of Online Dating - Since the boom in social networking sites, many web personals services dedicated exclusively to helping lonely hearts find suitable matches for fun, dating and romance have found themselves battling for their share of the market. For many, websites like Facebook.com and Myspace.com represent a changing of the internet love connection guard. With witty wall posts and dynamic add-ons like YouTube.com videos and song dedications, online singles are putting some stock in that romance will also happen in a space specifically designed for platonic relationships.

Natural First Step to Love - The reason for the boom in the internet dating market seems clear. While some would argue that online personals web sites are dangerous for lonely hearts who risk having their hearts broken or worse, most single people who try their luck at romance online report that their experiences were, for the most part, very positive. The numbers seem to prove that consensus as Pew Internet and American Life Project, based in Washington, DC, reports that more than 3 million singles have found long-term or marital relationships on the internet.

Web Personals vs. Traditional Matchups - In some societies, matchmaker is a proud tradition and respected career. Regardless of the respect that such a position garners, single people trusting their dating and marital choices to others who are subject to poor judgment are taking a risk that many relationship experts advise against. Finding a companion, especially one who holds some potential for becoming your life partner and soul mate, should be done very carefully.

Web Matchmaking Tips to Remember - Here are four easy guidelines to help make finding love online easy and painless. Whether it is your first stint at meeting singles on the internet or just not happy with the current result, these sound web dating tips may be lead to a more fulfilling online dating experience.

The Fast Lane of Romance - Innovative dating techniques and match making approaches have been in development since the dawn of the Sexual Revolution. Prior to those days of free love, many singles followed more traditional courting rituals such as church functions and meetings arranged by parents, friends and siblings. Revolution changed the rules, and today--with the careful construction of the World Wide Web--dating is dynamic, sometimes fast paced, and likely to bring all the excitement of a lightning strike.

Social Networking Offer Friendship and More - Not all social networking sites are the same. Some websites specialize in acquaintance level interactions, acting as platforms for self-promotion and confessional commentary. Some web services promote mutually fulfilling romantic unions. For singles seeking romantic fun and sexy interactions, online dating services designed with the users interests in mind may be the very best choices for romantic networking.

Romantic Dates and Free Love - Connecting for intimate trysts, fun times, and long-term relationships via the internet may seem expensive. Many web personals sites charge a monthly rate, and even those claiming to be free love avenues may charge a rate for sending and/or receiving emails from potential companions. Savings seem to be had for those who prove their relationship with the online matchmaking service may be long term. With this in mind, the economic rules of dating seem to be changing a little.

Dating for Women in Their 30's - Religious figures preach family living; parents preach being a wife and mother. How important is it to be married? Is it worth marrying the first man or woman who comes along, settling for Mr. or Ms. Wrong, or being unhappy for life? Being single should be fun. However, single women in their 30's aren't having fun. Instead, they contend with the pressures of not being married. Many of them have tried online matchmaking, only to find men who are they are not compatible with; yet they keep on trying. They buy pets for companionship. Why? Is being married really that important? Some over 30 singles believe it is, while others believe they're being pressured to believe in the importance of marriage.

Senior Seeks Love Online - We think of old age as a time for reflection on one's life, not as a time for renewing one's love life. But today's senior singles are changing that. With life expectancy longer than ever before, there are a growing number of divorced Boomers or widowers who are looking at ten or more years of healthy, active living. And they don't necessarily want to spend that time alone. From dating, to casual sex, to co-habitation, the elderly are changing the landscape of old age.

Romantic Singles Seeks New Possibilities - Rewind to the early days of internet dating. In those days, many of us imagined that those who would be forced to find love online were geeks, dweebs, nerds. Perhaps they lived at home with their parents and had never cultivated a social life conducive to falling in love. Many believed such lonely hearts were simply in the position they deserved. It's time to reassess the situation.

When Divorced People Date Again - Children are hypocrisy meters. Whether they are three or thirteen, kids tend to absorb every experience to which they are exposed. This is especially so after a life-altering experience such as divorce when they are more sensitive to changes in their environment. If a single parent does not navigate the waters of dating thoughtfully, the mom or dad just may find their teenagers one day serving as a reflection for their own poor relationship choices. Call them on it and they will surely remind you of your own.

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