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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Sincerity in Dating Online - Online personals sites have become popular due to the availability of singles online. For singles that are sick of the local scene or have no other option to find singles in their area, online dating can be the way to find the perfect mate. It's important to remember that some daters are not as honest as they should be on dating sites. When making a profile, be sure to accurately reflect your true self and interests. It's the best way to find someone you will be the most compatible with.

Intimate Dating Partners Beware - Very few people will even consider going out on a romantic date if there is not some level of physical attraction. While the prospects of intimacy are often crucial to today's dating relationships, STD's and their consequences cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, HIV, and other STD's are reaching epidemic proportions all over the world. Today, it is very important for potential dating partners to discuss STD's and previous sexual contact history as soon as possible. It is also crucial to obtain simultaneous STD screening.

Enhance Your Dating Opportunities - While people may not always remember what is said at a first meeting, they always remember where they met for the first time. Not so long ago, people sacrificed the value of this signal in favor of going to local bar in order to find a date. Along with so many other things, the internet has caused a revolution in offline dating trends. Learn more about this change, and how it expands your ability to successfully choose a prospective date.

Abuse in Dating Amongst College Students - Dating brings romance to mind, it is usually all about roses, candle-lit dinners and holding hands. But unfortunately, sometimes women undergo abuse at the hands of their romantic companions. Most such cases go unreported due to reasons like women are unaware that what they are going through is actually abuse and punishable by law, others find the reporting procedures quite traumatizing, and some are so emotionally deficient that an abusive and violent boyfriend seems better than none.

Dating Tips for Single Moms - Being a single mother comes with a lot of challenges, not the least of which is meeting and dating eligible men. Most single mothers think that they should retire from the dating scene, and lack the confidence to present themselves as prospective dates or mates. But it is important for them to convey to possible men in their lives that they are actually looking for a companion, a friend and a love interest, not merely a father figure for their children.

Online Dating Warning Signs - Online dating can be a safe and easy way to date. But just as in social dating, you need to be aware of the possible warning signs that all's not well with the world. The fact that you can only know what your potential dating partner chooses to tell you makes it doubly difficult to figure out if this indeed is the man or woman of your dreams, or if it is actually a case of too good to be true.

Simple Guidelines to Setting Up Singles - Finding a partner is one of the biggest preoccupations in life for most people. Sometimes, this potential man or woman of your dreams can come through the recommendations of a friend or an acquaintance. Matchmaking has often created success stories and can be relevant and meaningful in the modern context as well, but only if people who take it upon themselves to become matchmakers follow a few basic guidelines. Love works in mysterious ways, and it could very well result from a matchmaker.

The Lexicon of Dating - Technology and love seem to be concepts that are poles apart, but in the speed and efficiency of modern lives, both are coming closer than ever. Using technology like texting and email to carry on with ones dating life has become a common phenomenon and it is a trend that is likely to continue well into the future. Technology has traditionally been the bastion of men, but now women are also coming forward in the use of technology to satisfy their need to date.

Detoxifying Your Dating Habits - Learning how to date should be a course, especially for singles who have been bitten by a break up and find it now affecting how they approach, act and react around new, potential dates. It's especially difficult for men, even those who are good looking and have a stellar career, to take a break up so hard that it impacts their ability to date again. It's time for all of us to pick up some new habits and re-learn how to approach other singles and start dating again.

Dating Advice for Men - Men often look for signs as to whether or not they should approach a woman for a relationship or date, and many times, the women happily oblige by providing these signs that say either 'yes, please continue' or 'ick, no, please go away'. Regardless, men should look for these cues, both subtle and obvious that women give off about their interest in them – the key is to look deeply and notice all the little things, the signs are there, you just have to notice them.

A Must for Dating Online - The photo that you present on your online dating profile is the front line to your profile – it is where people look first and is, essentially, the first impression you will make with singles that are viewing your profile. The photo is more important than the words you write and your photo should reflect the type of relationship that you are looking for – serious photos for serious relationship seekers, and so on.

Spice Up Your Profile - It is imperative that you post a great photo along with your online personals, in fact, the photo you submit is just as important as what you say in your profile. Follow a few tips to take some great snapshots with a friend or a professional and smile your pearly whites at your potential soul mates on the dating web sites you are a member of. Put yourself on display to increase the number of profile views and email responses.

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