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Dating The Real You

If every Tom, Dick and Harry described themselves as "thoughtful, caring and incredibly handsome," and if every Jane, Ann and Sally put "beautiful, sexy babe" on their online personals, then why is internet dating still a viable alternative for singles all over? Because like in real life, no matter where one goes, there will always be some wolves in sheep's clothing.

Web dating can call up a generous measure of excitement and apprehension, especially if you're a novice to this matchmaking medium. However, you'll need to be aware that there exists a whole spectrum of cover-up personalities in the form of the ultra-attractive and attention-drawing profiles of single people who subscribe to personals websites.

While there is still the uncertainty presented by some unscrupulous individuals who prowl the internet for gullible singles searching for love, one less known inconvenience are people who lie a little...alright, a whole lot...on descriptions of themselves that they put down on their net profiles.

Hopefuls browsing through these matchmaking personals should be warned: what you read may not be what you get. Sometimes, the accompanying photo could be ten years out-of-date, in what could be a thinner, younger, full-head-of-hair version of people's selves. And beware a beguiling profile that comes without a posted photo.

An article on cyber dating and Facebook profiles discusses the extent of how people present either a totally different image of themselves or information overload on the real deal. Whether to impress the online singles community at large, or to tell the whole world to kiss the video of their naked behinds, your guess is as good as mine.

Behind the whole scenario of fibbing about their true selves and appearances, there lies a staple element that has existed since the first romantic relationship was born – the need to put one's best foot forward. Single men and women looking for mates have strived for millennia to present themselves at their most attractive. If this meant exaggerating a little to win the heart of their object of affection, then so be it.

It hasn't altered one bit in this age of online match making. The technology may have changed, but the underlying methods have not. If first impressions last, IRL (in real life), what would an online first impression be worth?

And so we have descriptions like "hopelessly romantic hunk," or "beautiful busty brunette" that abound in many personals you are likely to browse through in your quest for a spouse, a romantic partner or a romp in the hay.

For those who are seriously looking for true and lasting relationship, the same collect-and-select process applies as in real life. If you meet people in bars, over blind dates or in any romantic real life situations, you are likely to encounter the occasional creep, weirdo or other scrapings from the bottom of humanity's barrel. In online matchmaking, it's pretty much the same deal: you browse through an interesting personal, chat with its owner and conduct some online parry and thrust that might eventually lead to your first date – that heart-pounding, anxiety-filled face-to-face meeting.

If your physical chemistry matches the virtual one and you each feel a real affinity for one another, then you're off on a great start. But if everything fizzles out at the first online or physical meeting, your next step is to move on to the next profile and cross your fingers that you finally find the one. After all, that's what love and relationships are all about.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jan 25, 2008 2:07 pm

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