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The New Approach to Matchmaking

Our modern world presents obstacles and opportunities that push courtship rituals aside to force the evolution of a more modern dating approach. As a result, many singles seeking fruitful relationships find it hard to meet other likeminded individuals. Often they seem dumbfounded as they ask, "After work, school, and my other responsibilities, how am I supposed to have time and opportunity to find anyone special?" The world community has exploded to astronomical numbers even as the internet seems to have shrunk the world to tiny proportions, but—somehow—there seem to be fewer and fewer eligible potential dating partners looking for love.

Or perhaps we've all been looking for love and affection in all the wrong places. Many people still hail the power of a one-on-one physical meeting. Accidental introductions in the produce section, a clever pick up line at the local pub, a moment of connection at a meeting for specific interests still happen. And those moments seem electric. These are the fated moments about which the romantic population dreams. But the reality is that fewer relationships start the old-fashioned way than ever before.

Various matchmaking websites realize the needs of the wider romantic community. While some single people enjoy the adventure of free love and casual hookups, many others feel endangered by such random, promiscuous activity. Even the mildest flirtation in a grocery store produce section, long fantasized to be a very fruitful possibility for amorous connections, can present a problem as anxiety builds with the first cheesy line offered. Imagine your own disdain if someone who seems a perfect candidate for ideal mate says to you, "Those are nice melons you have there?" I think now you see the point.

Love gurus suggest various approaches to settling your dilemma of finding proper places to meet both online and in real time:

  • Choose a niche web personals service or place that represents a special aspect of your personality or your goals

  • Beware of websites that promote lifestyles that are not in keeping with your personal ideals
  • Keep your personal information private
  • Remember to have fun.

In addition, many experts in the field of successful romance suggest that broadening your horizons is always a good place to start. Don't be afraid to try new things or take chances. Expanding your friendship circle may expand your romantic possibilities as well, as the more people you know the greater opportunity there is to be smitten with someone that share similar interests and senses of fun.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jul 1, 2008 4:47 pm

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