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Weighty Online Dating Issues

It is a known fact that a person's weight can affect their chances of finding a date. It's no different whether you're scouting the club scene or logging online to find a person to go out with. Because of the widespread mass media images projecting thinness as the benchmark for attraction, a majority of men and women feel the only way to secure decent companionship is to look as emaciated as possible.

The situation becomes doubly difficult right after the holidays, a time when most people have packed on the most pounds. Cocktails, parties, family get-togethers and other occasions where sumptuous calorie-laden food plays a major role are prevalent from Thanksgiving all the way to the New Year. It is no wonder that singles who frequent the internet dating scene cringe right after this season.

At around this time, don't be surprised to view web personals in which weight may be totally obliterated from the information or cleverly masked to avoid any connotations of excess flesh. Expect an absence of recent photos, as well.

This issue with weight can affect women more than men, as a recent article has explained. Apparently, a woman's weight has a greater bearing on her chances to find love on the net, even more so than men. This double standard has made it difficult for heavy or big-boned women to secure a steady stream of interested inquiries based on her personal ad, particularly if these women prefer to be honest about their size or how much they weigh.

As a result, many women opt not to post their photos, especially their recent post-holiday pictures, together with their profiles. They may even lie about their weight. This kind of deception is commonplace in the internet matchmaking arena where web singles do not immediately meet face to face, hence find a little bit more leeway in altering the true state of things.

Because online matchmaking activity peaks right after the holidays, single people are more likely to see personals which read "thin" or "slender", which could be interpreted to mean "average build", or "curvy", which might actually be a description of someone who may be on the heavier end of the weight spectrum.

This is the one difference between face-to-face dating and online dating. In bars, clubs or parties, a person gets to choose who to approach based on appearance preferences. In the world of internet personals, they will either be kept guessing or simply have to trust the personal ads. That is until they actually meet up.

While discrimination against overweight individuals is one of the bitter factors in the game of matchmaking, there are several bright patches of sunlight to be found in these otherwise dreary prospects. Because of the popularity and widespread use of web personals, many niche singles services have cropped up catering to different social, religious, ethnic or preferential orientations.

There are dating and social networking websites geared specifically towards plus-sized men and women. In these sites, there doesn't have to be any deception involved when it comes to weight. Here, everyone knows what to expect. In fact, hugeness for these BBW (big beautiful women) and BHM (big handsome men) is a particular preference.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jan 29, 2008 10:24 am

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