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The Dating Life of a Cougar

A German study claims that being a cougar might not be good for your health.

Men who date younger women tend to live longer, but according to this dating article at AOLHealth, and the study it quotes, the same doesn't necessarily hold true for older women who date younger men. Dutch researchers studied over two million marriage and death records, according to the article, and they found that the younger a cougar's spouse is, the worse her health will be.

One school of thought maintains that younger wives or girlfriends will take care of their older husbands, where younger men aren't doing the same favor for their older wives. Relationships can be a lot of work and stress, and that work and stress often gets pushed onto the female partner. When those partners are the older halves of the couple, that stress can take a serious toll on their health.

A second school of thought doubts the results of the study. In the article, Ian Kerner, a sex and relationships counselor, says, "If you have a healthy sex life, you usually have a healthy life to support it."

Kerner believes that the lowered life span may have more to do with the kinds of behaviors associated with a "cougar lifestyle" than with being with younger men in general. Cougars tend to drink and smoke more than their counterparts who are dating men their own age.

Dr. Sandor Gardos, clinical psychologist and sex therapist, says in the article that he wouldn't warn women against dating younger men. He goes on to say that whom you date probably isn't as big a factor in your life span as making you're emotionally healthy.

So, as long as you're fit, mentally and physically – and willing to put up with a younger man in the first place – being a cougar probably isn't all that unhealthy.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jun 13, 2010 9:12 am

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