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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

The Benefits of Singlehood - Being a single person is no longer a state that one should run away from. Single people can live complete and fulfilled lives without being saddled by spouses or life partners. In fact, single-blessedness is now becoming a state that is desirable and even envied because there are so many opportunities open to singles that are not even accessible to those who are married.

Internet Dating vs. College Hookups - The hookup culture is prevalent among the younger dating crowd because it addresses the need for gratification but without any commitments. However, even college kids are becoming disillusioned with the hookup culture. Their biggest gripe is it does not satisfy the need to be intimately connected with someone, which even seemingly commitment-phobic college students feel from time to time. For such disillusioned daters, internet dating seems to be the answer. Online personals provide them an opportunity to connect instantly with other like-minded singles.

Senior Dating in Full Swing - Hollywood may have us believe that love and romance is only for the young, but recent developments in the internet dating scene is proving that assumption to be false. The fact is that senior singles is one of the fastest growing segments of the web personals services industry. The aging baby boomer generation is becoming fully engage in how to meet and date other boomers online and they are becoming more successful at it. Do not be surprised if you hear about grandma dating again.

Matchmaking Agency vs. Online Dating - If you think that professional matchmaking services are folding up and closing shop because of the popularity of online dating, think again. These store front dating agencies are becoming more popular than ever because some people prefer to avail of their services versus going on the internet to find love and romance. After all, there are many advantages that professional brick and mortar dating services give daters that a web dating website cannot. Foremost of these advantages are more security, personalized services and time. But along with that is the cost of using such services which maybe cost prohibitive for many singles out there.

The Hookup Revolution - If you look at the younger crowd, especially on campuses, they tend to shun dating and go for hookups. So for the 20-something that seldom date, is dating dead? For guys, this may be fine, but hookups do not really sit well for some women. Perhaps it's due to how women are hard-wired to expect a relationship even from such casual encounters. And because relationship happens less than a quarter of all hookups, not only is the hookup very unsatisfactory to the feminine soul, but also challenges her self-esteem and her chances of having a satisfactory relationship in the future.

The High Tech Dating World - Ideally, young people these days should be leading fulfilling dating lives because technology makes it easier to communicate and connect with their partners. However, it is becoming doubtful if technology really is helpful in finding and sustaining a true mate match these days. It is difficult, after all, for a romance to catch flame and burn steadily when everyone is in a hurry. It is also less captivating to get to know other singles when websites like Facebook and MySpace have already given you the information that you need to know.

The Languages of Love - Human interactions, including dating relationships, are made up and sustained by negotiations. To be able to succeed in any negotiation, we must be able to understand the language that the other party speaks. In romantic relationships, our dating partner expresses his or her feelings through love languages. That language could be affirming words, touch, gift-giving, acts of service, or giving quality time. It is up to us to understand what love language our date use and to act accordingly in order for the relationship to succeed.

Love to Twitter or Text? - Today, we live in a world where there are so many means for communicating available to us. We can talk using landline, cellphone, VoIP, email, IMs, texting and a host of other media. Ideally, what should happen is that communication with our partner or future date should now be significantly easier. But it seems that the opposite is a lot truer, and many great relationships end instead because of communication lines getting tangled. Is technology to blame, or are crossed lines the sign of problems in the relationship?

The Right Dating Photo - We've all seen pictures before; that's a given. But how many of us have been to an online personals website to check out the photos of available dating singles? There are usually two reactions: Click on the profile, or scroll away. If you're the photo's poster, you're looking to avoid the latter by any means necessary. For this to happen, you'll have to post a decent picture of yourself, but you definitely don't want the photo to depict something that you are not.

Dating Services Surprisingly Indestructible - Purveyors of online personals services are finding that their industry is still strong, even in the midst of a full-blow recession. In fact, dating websites are booming these days. Not only have they survived the hard times, but they seem to be profiting at a higher rate, and expanding exponentially. The logical question is why? But the more frequently asked question is where does one sign up? Singles seem to forfeit the questioning and reasoning when it comes to cyber matchmaking and skip right through to the signup page. This is great news for the internet matchmakers and potentially great news for the many millions of single people.

Dating Opportunities Around Every Corner - Not everyone is so quick to put their hearts in the hands of fate, however. That woman you never spoke to at the coffee shop, or that man who stopped to help change your tire on the side of the road may have just been your future romantic partner. What kept you from connecting? Was it your fear of the unknown? Perhaps you simply weren't paying enough attention. Fate waits for no one. When a potentially new dating opportunity presents itself, will you be ready?

The Libido Factor in Matchmaking - People can raise a big fuss about women dating a much younger man. That is because people are so used to the custom that women are younger than their dates because it is commonly thought that women mature earlier than men, and thus a woman dating an older man would probably be equals when it comes to maturity level. So, should age be an issue when it comes to matchmaking?

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