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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Does Anyone Date Anymore? - Experts say that young people these days prefer to hook up with friends rather than go out on dates. It is probably because hookups remove the fear of rejections when asking someone for a date or the social stigma of not having a steady dating partner at their side. But it does not necessarily mean that hanging out with friends is better than dating. In the end, the question of being able to commit and that of forming more meaningful romantic relationships come into play.

Dating After a Divorce - In many breakups, one partner ends the relationship because he or she feels the need for more personal space. Ironic as it is that this happens in a kind of relationship where two people are supposed to share everything with each other, but the balance can be skewed when one is being too possessive or controlling of the other. For a true connection to last, both partners must learn to trust one another and support each other without feeling challenged or insecure.

Tips for Single Parents - It can be difficult for single moms to start dating again. That is because moms must juggle their social life with their responsibilities as a parent. In order to have a fulfilling dating life and a happy and peaceful household, a divorced mom needs to make her children feel that they will always be their mother's priority. Additionally, she should also date someone who is aware of her situation, will not be threatened by the fact that he would always play second fiddle to her kids and would actually be able to empathize with the situation.

Bringing Love Down to a Science - Matchinsights, a personality test developed by Dr. Helen Fisher is designed to categorize people into four distinct personality types based on the chemistry of their brain. The claim is that this personality test brings down the search for love down to a perfect science. Nonetheless, it raises this question: Can people really be categorized and boxed into specific personality types? And does this categorization really make the search for love and the building of relationships easier for us?

Craigslist Missed Connections - Many singles meet people by chance at the subway, or at a cafe, or at a bar, or just about anywhere. These chance encounters may leave some with a feeling of wanting for more. The only downside is that they let that person go without getting their phone number or email. But do not lose hope, there is a way to find lost connections from chance encounters, and one way is by making a post at Craigslist.

Online Personals vs. Traditional Matchmaking Services - Traditional matchmaking services claims to have a much higher percentage of success than the internet dating websites. It may be that those who sign up for these services are more likely to be interested in a long term serious relationship than those who simply log on for dates. The cost is generally much higher for these services, but that is the price one pays for services that a personal match maker provides.

Text Message Dating - It was only a matter of time before mobile messaging began to be used for commercial purposes. We see marketers using texts to promote their products and now dating services are springing up to help singles connect with other single people. But how can you truly know someone with a text message? Is it possible to be matched up with someone that you want to date with your cell phone? Or is it a good way to meet someone for a cup of coffee or dinner while you are on the go?

Avoiding Disastrous Relationships - When you have a bad experience with something, you will tend to shy away from the activity again. For instance, if you have been bitten by a dog, you will most likely feel apprehension about being around dogs again. This is true of most activities, save one. Matchmaking mishaps only lead some people to get up and pursue the same kind of person or the very same person over and over again. What is it that drives some single people to put up with poor behavior when it comes to a dating relationship?

The Economy of First Dates - All it takes is a look at the news and you will see more disastrous reporting about the economy. This has caused most singles to reevaluate their budgets and make cuts. One area that many single people have found to be easily cut back on is dating. No longer are daters heading out to expensive restaurants for first dates but finding more creative and low cost ways to spend an evening with a new interest. Let's see how this trend could actually help first dates.

Long Distance Dating vs. Local Connections - It can be very romantic to meet up with your love interest that lives miles away from you, but what is the cost to the environment? There are many single people that would never consider driving a SUV or doing business with companies and or services that hurt the environment, but they don't seem to think about the effect their long distance romance is having on the environment. Let's take a look at what these long distance relationships have on the environment and how we can all help by considering our own personal lives.

Singles Exploring Missed Opportunities - Ever brush hands with someone in the grocery store or made eye contact with someone on the bus or subway? Most singles have experienced those encounters and has been left wondering about that person for the rest of the day. Now, you have a way to explore those chance meetings and stop thinking what might have been and start thinking about what could be. You might just meet the man or woman you were meant to be with through these unique personal ads.

Empowering Single Women - Online dating may be the boon that many lonely women have long sought in romantic interactions. For some single women, sexy, sensual social skills do not come easy. Brought up to be demure or reserved, these women find it hard to charm a single man, let alone a bar room full of them. Putting their personals on the web, though, gives them the power and luxury of constructing witty, charming, engaging personal ads that beckon would-be lovers.

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