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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating. The eDatingCentral.com blog also provide promos for online dating services. Please enjoy these informative articles.

Online Dating News:

Chemistry on Love - Most straight singles get all the help they need and sometimes more, in order to fall in love with a special someone for life. Not so for those who seek a homosexual partner. For a lot of gay singles, the road is uncharted. Gays and lesbians find themselves struggling against the myths which dictate that those who are in a relationship with someone from the same sex do so on a flighty, short term basis. Some web personals services sites are trying to fill this gap in the matchmaking market for homosexual singles.

eHarmony Explores Love - Hundreds of American singles are finding their match for marriage through matchmaking services like the eHarmony website. Such relationship services have studied thousands of happy couples and now claim to possess the secret elixir for matching a lasting marriage. If you are honest in your replies to the questionnaire used in creating your personality profile, chances are you will soon start receiving matches according to your personality.

Elite Match Makers - Even though you are an excellent candidate for marriage, it might be a bit tricky to find someone who would marry you for the right reasons. In such cases, it could pay off to invest on the personal services of an elite matchmaker: someone who would have the time and resources at their disposal to match you up with the right singles, potential partners to whom you might eventually be inclined to propose marriage.

The Ins and Outs of Web Personals - While dating online, it is possible to meet fascinating singles over great distances. Sometimes one may meet someone on the web who is almost too good to be true. Matchmaking experts warn that in most such cases, it is better to take it very slow with every caution possible. This is just so you are sure that the person you are beginning to fall in love with over the internet is actually the person you think him or her to be.

The Growth of Online Matchmaking - With the rise of the internet, matches are not just made in heaven; they are increasingly being made online. Dating services like eHarmony, Match.com and Yahoo! Personals have stepped forward to bring singles together, and finding a soul mate or spouse on the web is no longer as frowned upon today as it was less than a decade ago. With the recent Asian boom, the internet has exploded in countries like China and India, where native online matchmaking websites are now flourishing.

Weighty Online Dating Issues - The recent spate of holidays has caused a panic among the already heavyset online dating crowd. The 'eat, drink, and be merry' motto has given rise to the development of overweight singles. What will all this fleshy bounty spell for their online matchmaking prospects? While there is the usual little white lie to cover up the big number tipping the scale, very little can be done about the actual profile photo. Perhaps that's why some web personals have decade-old outdated pictures or none at all. Is there hope for the overweight online?

The Dating Frenzy - If you are a thirty- or forty-something unattached individual looking for love, would you start panicking as the year comes to an end and have no one to start the New Year with? Apparently, millions of singles do. The loneliness usually brought on by the holidays have inspired the great multitude of single people to join internet matchmaking sites as part of their New Year's resolutions to finding a significant other half. These personals services websites are simpler, safer and less complicated than having to roam the local bars nightly in search of love. Because of heightened holiday emotions, January has become the busiest times of the year for online dating websites.

Dating The Real You - If you are a single person looking for love online, you will likely be joining online matchmaking sites to boost your chances of finding the right person to match your personality. It may be as easy as finding someone after a couple weeks, or it may take a gruelling search of hundreds of profiles to find a prospective dating partner. The main concern here is actually getting through to the real person behind the personal. Is the profile the true description of the person you're interested in? Or is it all hype to present an awesome image to reel you in, only to disappoint you in the end?

On The Quest For Love - Internet matchmaking is still causing quite a stir many years after it first hit the World Wide Web. Previously considered the domain of single people who would otherwise not have been able to find a dating partner in real life for various negative social or personal reasons, it has now become commonplace for those who are too busy or too impatient to deal with the intricacies of an initial face-to-face meeting. The question remains, however, whether online personals services are widely accepted and embraced as everyone seems to claim it is.

The Match.com and Facebook Matchup - We have all heard of childhood playmates that got married and spent the rest of their lives together. For some singles, finding a romantic partner is not so easy. Perhaps it can be said that finding that special someone is a venture in random luck. Therefore, the addition of web services like Little Black Book can help provide that element of randomness to an otherwise pre-sorted group of individuals. Understanding how this online feature works can help you achieve greater success in meeting other singles in and around your area.

Match.com Takes Innovative Lead - When faced with so many different prospective dates, many can find online personal ads services difficult to navigate. Among other things, it is often not possible to turn to friends and family members and ask their opinion about a prospective partner. If you have experienced this with online matchmaking, there is a new service available to help you. Match My Friends, created by Match.com is the ideal way for you to involve friends and family in your search for a life partner.

Speed Dating and Cyber Romance - Regardless of your age, modern stresses can make it impossible to have personal time. On the other hand, single people still need the companionship of a romantic partner. Online speed dating services can help you meet other eligible men or women that you will be compatible with quickly and efficiently. When you have the ability to combine your innate matchmaking ability to use your first impression instincts with the wide range of singles available in online personals services, chances are you will find the perfect match.

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