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Is Love Getting You Down?

Are Americans happy with their love lives? Surveys sponsored by Durex, the condom manufacturer, and Pfizer, the maker of Viagra, give conflicting information. The Durex survey showed that 52% of Americans could be happier with their sex lives, but Pfizer's survey reported that more than two out of three say they are satisfied.

Which report is correct? It's no small wonder that Americans are confused, given the vastly differing perspectives about the purpose of sex itself. The religious leaders of the past felt that sex was primarily for procreation and that it should be limited to only those that are married. Many conservative religious and political leaders still feel this way today. In contrast, we are constantly bombarded by the media with advertising and entertainment that is heavily laced with sexual themes.

We also receive mixed signals from our health care providers, who fail to inquire or consider the effects of one's sexual health unless a disease or disorder makes it necessary, giving the impression that the subject is taboo. Of course, part of the blame falls on medical schools that sees little value in teaching future health care providers skills like the proper way to discuss a patient's sexual history within the context of their overall well being.

Public schools have a lot of constraints and controversy regarding what they can teach our teens. Sexual health in terms of sexually transmitted diseases and infections is usually considered appropriate, but when high schools hand out condoms to help prevent those same illnesses, it creates a furor.

So given all this conflicting information, how do we go about determining if we're happy with our love lives or how important sex is to happiness? Is sexual happiness just an orgasm count, or does it include your ability to love someone else and how it affects the rest of your life?

It seems that the survey sponsors need to rethink their interviewing methods. The question, "Are you happy in your sex life?" is rather broad. Some people only have sex within relationships, while for others that is not a factor.

Americans are beginning to have intercourse at younger ages and are getting married at older ages, so young Americans will be having sex for more years outside marriage than they used to. Also consider that Americans live longer than they did in the past and have drugs to enhance their sexual function.

Obviously the average young single guy is going to have a different way of thinking, and a different response, than a seventy year old widow. Given that, the surveys, which had conflicting results anyway, aren't doing much good and only contribute to the confusion perpetuated by other sources.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jun 15, 2007 5:37 pm

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