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Bringing Love Down to a Science

We all know those old sayings which tell us that love is blind and the search for true love can take a lifetime. It seems that all these old sayings about a lasting relationship can now be put to rest. There is now a more scientific way of finding your true match.

Or at least that is what the internet personals website match.com claims. Recently, match.com, which happens to be the biggest online dating service operating in the United Kingdom today, has implemented a personality test that can help their online members find true love among their matches. The site said that this compatibility test is designed to bring the task of seeking love down to a science.

How does this match making test work? According to match.com, there are four personality types that are determined by the brain chemistry that is unique to each person. In short, you are how your brain works chemically. The personality test they have implemented recently is designed to identify just what type of personality the test taker has, whether he or she is a Builder, a Negotiator, an Explorer, or a Director.

Basically, these are how these four personality types are described:

  • Builders- are practical people who stick to the rules and to common sense.
  • Negotiators- are emphatic people who seek meaningfulness in every relationship they enter into.
  • Explorers- are playful pleasure seekers who strive to create an impact in their social lives.
  • Directors- are the ambitious and stubborn rationalists who seek power and understanding through the use of information.

But how effective is this personality test? Well, the test design was created by the renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher. Dr. Fisher is the one who gave us the four personality types according to the brain's core chemistry system. At present, Dr. Fisher is the scientific advisor of match.com.

This scientific approach to matchmaking can certainly make the search for true love easier. But can love really be brought down to the level of science? Can a person be boxed according to a personality type? It all depends on how you look at it.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Dec 28, 2008 12:17 pm

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