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Meet Muslim Singles Online

While claims that online matchmaking threatens Muslim courting traditions may have validity, Muslim proponents of online personals services and forums assert that online dating:

  • Allows single people to choose for themselves.
  • Customizes the search to meet the needs of the potential partners.
  • Allows honest interaction between two truly matched singles without the interference of family members and friends.
  • Requires online daters to reveal more of themselves through one-on-one interaction via emails, IMs, and blogging.
  • Grounds the relationship in the contemporary setting of their peers.

The social scene is changing for contemporary Arab Americans, and that change is best illustrated by the increase in popularity of such singles match making websites as Arablounge.com and Muslima.com. Specifically designed to reach an audience of Arab Muslims and Christians, Arablounge reaches over 275,000 singles while Muslima reach out to Muslims of all ethnicities.

Fully-aware of the crucial role Muslim and Arabic affairs play in the world's political and diplomatic climate, many of the Muslim social networking and dating sites allow users to ask questions or initiate threads that discuss one's feelings concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict or the future of Islam.

Along with allowing Islamic men and women to decide for themselves which qualities and perspectives they consider attractive in a potential partner, Muslim social networking and personal ads services allow many Muslims singles their first opportunity to ask very pointed questions of experts and forum hosts.

While Muslim families may consider anatomically-related questions to be impertinent or may be embarrassed by certain questions that reveal their children's western sensibilities, hosts of Muslim web dating community forums tend to be unsurprised by the demand for answers to often-suppressed questions. Many worry that online dating communities teach their children unholy practices, but some see the education that can be had through the internet matchmaking movement as liberating as it provides choice and control for the primary participants in every relationship.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jun 27, 2008 9:42 am

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