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Dating Tips for Divorced Moms

Starting out anew can be a very good thing for a newly divorced woman. Perhaps you married right out of high school or college. Maybe you never had true freedom to experience singles life for yourself. From your parents' house to the three bedroom, two-and-half bath dream that you and your spouse conjured up, your choices have always been made with some other person's needs in mind and those needs often outweighed your own.

Today, you stand tall as a divorced woman. Maybe there are others to think about. Maybe you have a couple of wonderful children who need your consideration in every decision you make. Whether you make your decisions for your new single-parent family or for yourself only, the dissolution of your marriage represents an opportunity to have what you need from life successfully and finally.

Chances are the dating world has had a major overhaul since you danced with your future ex-husband at the school formal. Back in the day, your best girlfriend clued him in to your interest and he sent back the heads up that you two should go out. Maybe there was cuddling on the dance floor or heavier petting on the way home, but all of your interaction was carefree and adventurous. While you have become more educated about the decisions you make, the world has become smaller and the matchmaking opportunities have become more universal.

You might find yourself seeking play, fun, and love via the internet. There's the whole, wide world of online personals at your fingertips and a dozen photo editing programs to help you look your best. The dating stream you might dive into is bubbly, refreshing, and wider than the oceans of the world, but there are caution signs to read along the way.

Sign 1: Look Before You Leap!

Something in your previous relationship wasn't perfect. You now have the opportunity to choose carefully and with the wisdom of a few years under your belt. Looking before you leap helps you to choose well.

Sign 2: Rough Waters Ahead!

Think back to your early dating days. Unless you were one of the few women who found their favorite guy on the first date, you'll remember that you win some and you lose some. Part of the adventure of finding love again is being willing to take a chance, albeit an educated one. Chances are that the dating waters will be rough some times, but--if you use your best swimming know-how--the water can also be great. Dive in, have fun, and enjoy adult swim!

Sign 3: Swim at Your Own Risk!

Not everyone have your best intentions at heart. Some of the dangers are serious and threatening. Some only threaten your peace of mind. Being careful about the information you give to a potential suitor or a man you've dated only a few times protects you from various nefarious situations. Remember, too, that any children you have deserve your protection and caution!

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jun 8, 2008 9:09 am

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