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Online Dating Warning Signs

To find a date from the cozy confines of your home is an appealing prospect. To add to that, you have the possibility of finding someone across the town or even the globe: someone who is so right for you, who you would have never met in the course of your normal life.

But before you start searching for your soul mate online, there are a few things to consider. The person whose profile you see on a personals website is not someone any of your known acquaintances, family or friends can vouch for. The personal ad, pictures and information has been provided by a person whose real name you are unaware of, and no one has actually performed a background check on him or her to ensure that the details provided are indeed true.

On the other hand, the details provided could indeed be true and besides the success stories touted at many dating and matchmaking web sites, one often hears real personal stories of people who met on the internet and have gone on to live happily together. So there is no need to lose hope.

While remaining optimistic, it is still important to check thoroughly. As a recent article points out, some online daters do lie about their height, weight and age. The truth of their statements can be verified to a certain extent by thorough questioning. A lot of online singles also fake their photographs and a large number of recent pictures is therefore important.

Some internet daters, especially men with travelling jobs, tend to lie about their marital status: a married man looking for a bit of fun on the side. Potential dates who are always calling from their cars, never calling late at night or during weekends are the usual married suspects.

There are others, gorgeous stunners, who basically hook you into joining a site different from yours. If they are that keen on you, they will join your website, so this online scam is easily avoided. The last but not the smallest red flags are the embittered lovers who write long lists of things they do not want in an ideal date: steer clear or you will have to deal with issues you may not have reckoned with.

The same golden rule applies to online dating as to social dating: stay alert, stay safe.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Oct 23, 2007 7:22 pm

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