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Tips for Single Parents

A single mom saddled with children – that is not a strange situation to find oneself in these days. In fact, you may know a divorced mother who has been balancing her dating activities with taking care of her kids. You could be one yourself.

If you are a single mother who is also looking for love, you would know that being both a divorced parent can be tough. You have to go out there and immerse yourself in the dating world and, at the same time, make sure that the needs and demands of your kids are being met. The inherent difficulties of the situation have discouraged many moms from re-entering the thriving social scene.

And yet, experts say that a single mom needs to live a fulfilling and love-filled life outside being a parent. These experts claim that it is actually good for the children to see their mother dating again and happy with it. It contributes to their well-being.

But how can you as a divorced parent get past the hassles that come with dating? Here are four tips that can help you.

  • Go on safe dates. These are dates with other singles you have already befriended or are acquainted with. They could also be blind dates which your friends set up for you. Always try to let these daters be aware of your situation as a divorced parent with child ahead of time and that they are comfortable with it.
  • If you are going out with someone with whom you are not really acquainted with, at least make sure your potential love interest understand your situation and not be threatened by it.
  • Put yourself in your kid's shoes and understand that they may feel threatened by your new friend. After all, young ones tend to think more of themselves first and the first thing that would come to mind for them is how will this change in lifestyle affect them.
  • Let your young ones know that they will always come first, no matter what happens. And if they develop a dislike for your current love interest because they are threatened and feel afraid that they may be displaced in your life by that person, it's best to not force your children to like him. Never punish them for feeling this way. They will only resent it and you will not be bridging the gap between your kids and your date effectively.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jan 1, 2009 1:24 pm

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