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The Libido Factor in Matchmaking

Years after it had happened, people are still bemused by the fact that Hollywood actress Demi Moore dated and eventually married a man 16 years her junior. That the relationship seemed to be a truly happy one despite the huge age difference did nothing to take the perceived strangeness of the whole deal.

But what is indeed the big deal about an older woman dating a much younger man? Maybe it's due to the fact that the masses are used to the idea that a woman is usually younger than her date, or at least is of the same age. The reason most people give is it has something to do with a matched maturity level.

The popular notion is that females mature much earlier their male counter parts. So, a woman and the older man she is dating would probably have the same level of maturity.

The question is: Is this really the case? We all know that there are many females out there who still act younger than someone their age, while there are also many gentlemen out there who seem to be older than their years suggest. Thus, maturity cannot be the only reason behind this conventional mindset.

But then again, there have been cases where a woman dated a much younger partner and found the encounter satisfying. For one, youthful beaus are known to be more enthusiastic and energetic when it comes to sex. A more youthful man may also idolizes his older playmate, and that can do a lot of wonders to an older woman's ego.

However, when it comes to matching likes and dislikes as well as goals in life, here is where the problem lies. Older women tend to be more goal-oriented while their unseasoned bed buddies are more happy-go-lucky at this point in life. This is where the conflict between them would stem from.

Still, one cannot help but think that it just may work out. After all, it is a meeting of the minds and not just the hearts. So, should there really be a fuss about an older woman dating a younger man? As long as they are both happy and their needs are met, this should not be anyone's business but their own.

Posted by eDatingCentral.com Jan 12, 2009 12:05 pm

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