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  5 Tips: Make the Most of Being Single  
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Being single is one thing, but being a dateless single is a whole other story. Isn't time to jump-start your single life with Match.com? Many people are quickly discovering what millions of online singles have known all along; Match.com is fun, exciting and an effective way to meet other great singles. There is virtually no place else that will offer you the convenience and the opportunity to meet millions of other relationship minded singles that shares your same desire to enjoy life to its fullest.

To that end, Match.com offers this article about singlehood and five tips on how to make the most of being single. Take these 5 useful tips to heart and see how it can transform your single life into something more fulfilling. You can get started by signing up for Match.com's 7-day free trial. Meanwhile, enjoy singlehood and the millions of opportunities that await you.

Match.com5 Tips: Make the Most of Being Single
By Camille Sutra, Match.com

There's never been a better time to be single! Online dating, which connects millions of relationship-minded singles each year, provides more and more dating opportunity for today's uncoupled elite.

Powerful tools like Match.com's quick search, custom search, free profile and Match.com Messenger offer fast and easy ways to strike up conversations with sexy, local singles. Never before has finding romance been so simple and so fun!

Tips for SinglesSingles are doing it for themselves
Breaking away from traditional beliefs that frown on dating around, today's smart singles are taking advantage of all the internet has to offer.

"Why should I go out with just one guy?" asks Penelope, a 22-year old computer guru from Queens. "I can find guys online and date quite a few before I decide which one I really like."

Penelope emphasizes that she doesn't have to become intimate with any of her dates. "Geez, we're not married," she says. "We're just having fun!"

Romance is right around the corner
Internet babes and beaus are creative about where to go and what to do. They've realized that not only can they find a match in their home town, they also can globetrot with the assistance of a quick search.

So how can you make the most of being single? Match.com offers these five tips:

  1. Flirt for the fun of it
    "Eye contact and a seductive smile is a great way to let someone know you're interested," advises Christine, 32 years old in Los Angeles.
  2. Stretch your sassiness
    "I'd not sure I want to be described as 'sassy,'" admits Jon, 29 years old and from Dallas. "But what works for me is striking a balance between confident and arrogant. A little cockiness goes a long way."
  3. Schedule three dates in one day
    "I've done it. It works. And the adrenaline alone keeps you going," laughs Katrina, 35 years old in Chicago. "Fun as hell, but you've got to keep your facts straight."
  4. Let your confidence be contagious
    "When I walk into the room," gloats Bill, 26 years old in Atlanta, "I own it."
  5. Make your married friends jealous
    "My best friend, Janice, is married," shares Veronica. "She so lives vicariously through my dating adventures. Sometimes I contact other members and go out on wild dates just to have a great story to tell her."

This online dating article is © Match.com and used with permission. Join Match.com Today to get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating, where millions of eligible singles await. For more info on this online dating service, read our Match.com Review and Match.com Testimonials.

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