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JDate Summary
Would you like to meet singles from the Cohen, Levy or Steinberg family? Join JDate.com and you will be pleasantly surprise with how easy it is to meet Jewish singles online. At JDate, you can quickly and easily get started in meeting your new date or perfect mate with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment. This is one Jewish dating service where there is no shortage of Jewish singles to meet and date.

JDate Testimonial: I looked into the possibility of Internet dating after reading a section in a magazine about it. JDate.com was one of the sites included. I was surprised as to how in-depth the profiles were and took a considerable time filling out my own profile. It took approximately 6 months of contacting many people, chatting with a small fraction of those and actually calling and dating a handful before I found my fiance. We have been together now for 9 months and recently got engaged. As she is from California and I am from the east coast, we will have our wedding and reception in California and a smaller reception on the east coast.

-- Daniel

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JDate Review
If you are a Jewish single from a tight knit family, we can only guess the conversation that your family has around the dinner table. Are you seeing anybody? Yes, I've met a new friend. What's his/her last name? This is where it gets tricky. If you want to make it through the conversation, your response had better be Cohen, Levy or Steinberg. So why are so many Jewish families becoming so concerned about whom their sons and daughters are dating? Maybe it is because they would like for you to meet singles that share the same beliefs as you.

Beyond just making your parents happy with your dating choices, meeting a Cohen may bring several other pleasant surprises. For instance, you and your date may share the same sense of community, heritage and culture. Meet a Levy, and you may discover that he/she also share your belief in hard work, in establishing future goals and in the achievement of those goals. Lastly, if the relationship blossoms into a life-time commitment, then you and your future spouse can also enjoy the same conversations with your future children about their dating choices.

If all of this is ringing true for you, then you are ready to get started in meeting great Jewish singles at a Jewish online dating site. Although there are many Jewish dating sites, JDate.com definitely leads the pack. At JDate, you can quickly and easily get started in meeting your new date or perfect mate with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment. As the leader of Jewish dating online, JDate understands the challenges of finding suitable matches and offers no nonsense features and services that appeal to many of today's Jewish singles. At J Date, you can meet great people outside your usual circle and date fun and interesting Jewish singles that will not only meet or exceeds your dating preferences, it will also put your parents' minds at ease.

Get started today by creating and posting your free JDate profile. Remember, creating a great profile is essential to the successes you'll have online. To make your J Date profile stand out from the dating crowd and pique the interest of other prospective Jewish singles, always be honest in your answers, be positive and engaging in your essays and post pictures that shows the true you. Follow these 3 rules and you will never have to wonder if they are interested in you or a less truthful version of yourself.

As a free member at JDate.com, you can search through JDate's extensive database for Jewish singles in your area, in your state and beyond. You can read through the details of the profiles to learn more about your potential dates to see if they share similar views of the world. You can browse through their photo gallery to measure your sense of attraction. Once you have located a profile that meets your standard, send a free teaser message or hotlist your potential date so that he/she knows that you are interested.

Lastly, how do you show mutual interest if you are on the receiving end of a teaser or a hotlist? You have to keep the momentum going by starting an online conversation either through email exchanges, instant messaging or chat rooms. These exchanges are a great way to learn more about one another while still maintaining your anonymity. Consider it as an online screening process to help determine if he or she may be the one for you.

But to do so, you'll need to subscribe to one of JDate's reasonably priced membership plans. As a J Date premium member, you'll have complete access to all of the available communication channels like email, instant messaging, and chat rooms. So get off the couch and get plugged into the best way to meet other Jewish singles online. Don't wait for tomorrow when you can make it all happen today at JDate.

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Jewish Singles: Still not sure if JDate.com is right for you? Although JDate is clearly the dating site for many Jewish singles, it may not always be the best fit for everyone. If your taste lies elsewhere, here are some of our other favorite Jewish online dating sites where you can also meet single Jewish men and women from your area: JewishFriendFinder.com or JewishMingle.com.

Non-Jewish Singles: Although JDate may be the best choice for Jewish singles, it may not be the right fit for singles that are not of Jewish faith. If you are interested in more choices, more diversity and more singles, then consider trying Match.com, eHarmony or MatchMaker.com. All of these dating sites attract a large number of singles and meeting them has never been easier.


JDate is also known as Jdate.com, Jewish Date, www.jdate.com, JDate com, ww.jdate.com, JDatecom, and JDate .com.

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