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ChristianCafe.com Summary
ChristianCafe.com is an exciting online dating site that is centered on Christian values within a setting of a warm and inviting coffee house. ChristianCafe.com is distinctly different from other secular online dating site in that they have a no nonsense sensibility quality that is genuinely appealing to many of today's Christian singles. Their appeal can be seen through their online services and their membership base. So, if you are looking to meet other fun and exciting Christian singles for friendship, dates or lasting relationships, you should make a stop at ChristianCafe.com.

ChristianCafe.com Testimonial: I would just like to thank everyone who has helped on this site. If it were not for ChristianCafe.com, I would not be getting married on the 23rd of this month to a wonderful man whom I met on this site back in 2003. I can't thank this site enough. Wish us well for our wedding.

Vivien & Dave April 2005

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ChristianCafe.com Review
ChristianCafe.com is a uniquely fun online dating site that blends Christian values with the feel of an informal cafe. It's quite refreshing to see an online singles site that is thoroughly focused on providing singles the opportunities to meet other great singles in the context of shared religious beliefs and core values. Serving the global community of Christian singles as the forum to connect with others in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, ChristianCafe.com offers great services like in-depth profiles, photos, anonymous messaging and Christian chat rooms. Whether you are looking for a companion, a date or a soul mate, it's all there at ChristianCafe.com.

Your ChristianCafe.com experience begins with signing up for their no-obligation, 7-day free trial. The registration process is simple and no credit card is required. You'll be asked to describe yourself, the type of relationship you are seeking, your leisure activities and relationship goals. Since there is no screening process for new profiles, all profiles become active at the completion of the registration process. However, you'll need to supply them with a valid email address because ChristianCafe.com uses this address to email to you your login and password. Without the login information, you won't be able to explore all of the opportunities at ChristianCafe.com

To make the best use of the services at ChristianCafe.com, we strongly urge that you include photos with your profile. There are several reasons why everyone should take advantage of this opportunity. First, profiles with photos are seen 10 times more often than those without. Second, it is an important step to making a great first impression with 10 times more people. Lastly, it extends your free trial for an extra 3 days. If our math is right, that's 30 times more viewing. With so many advantages, you have nothing to lose!

Now that your profile is in order, it's time to actively participate in the online dating process. Browsing other singles' profile for potential matches is always a good start. Use the "who's on" or Quickmatch feature to quickly locate members who are either online or may be of interest to you. If you want more accurate results than Quickmatch, then try the Search feature. This is a powerful tool that will help narrow down the profiles based on a variety of criteria like age, church involvement, location and much more.

Once you have found someone that interests you, then it's time to open up the lines of communication. The two features available at ChristianCafe.com for this purpose are private emails and quick messages. Which ever feature you decide to use, make sure to let them know what it was in their profile that caught your eye, the common goals that you may share, and invite them to visit your profile to see if the interest is mutual. If there is no connection, move on to the next profile that is of interest. Since there are thousands of profiles, you will have plenty to explore. But if there was a connection, then ride your good fortune to where ever it may lead you.

Now that you have a better idea of ChristianCafe.com and the excellent services available, we'll need to address the difference between a free trial member and a paying member. A free trial member has the same privileges as a paying member with the exception of the 7-day free trial period. You have full access to all profiles. You can send and reply to messages with other members. You can interact with other online members through quick messaging and chat rooms. Obtaining full access from the get-go is truly a great way to experience ChristianCafe.com. But to continue meeting more great Christian singles, you'll need to convert your membership to a paid account. There are several cost effective plans to select from at ChristianCafe.com. Based on the length of your subscription period, the cost can be as little as $9 per month and no more than $30 per month. Meeting other Christian singles has never been easier!

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