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Online dating services like Match.com are growing at a blistering pace because millions of singles are finding out that it is truly the way to meet new and exciting singles. Their stories are truly inspirational and bring with it a realization that anyone one of us can achieve the same success by taking advantage of the useful knowledge and helpful suggestion shared by former Match.com users.

This testimonial, Our Stars Were Aligned, is a true story of online dating success from a Match.com member. It's a great account of how Match.com was successfully used to meet other quality singles. These success stories are very beneficial to new Match.com members because they can pick up useful tips and learn how to effectively use online dating services to achieve their ultimate relationship goal.

Match.comOur Stars Were Aligned
From Match.com

At first it was nerve-wracking to admit to my family and friends that I was "cyberdating," but Match.com was a way to get to know someone "safely" without being in the barscene or disclosing any personal information. I met some great men, started dating and learned how to enjoy a man's company purely for friendship.

Match.com TestimonialMatch.com was a fun, modern dating tool that helped me and my friends explore being single. It was all in fun, and I never expected to meet anyone who would stop my heart.

In March, I got an email from a young Italian named Will. Will and I both graduated CSU Long Beach, but strangely had never met. He definitely fit my description of the ideal date!

He's a successful bodybuilder, and I'm a competitive Polynesian dancer, so we're both very passionate about our hobbies. His profile was impeccable: Educated, professional, nice body, handsome, a little younger than myself but very well-spoken and quick-witted. He had a sarcastic sense of humor, which fit perfectly with my own.

I gave him my number, and we started talking. Our schedules were jam-packed with previous engagements, and yet we kept in contact almost daily, by phone or by email. The more we talked, the more we wanted to meet.

About three weeks after Will's initial email, we were able to meet face-to-face. There are moments when the stars are aligned, the sun shines on your face, your heart beats with excitement and everything just seems to go your way. That was the mutual feeling between Will and me when we first saw each other. We felt as if we were lifelong friends. All through dinner we couldn't learn enough about the other, share enough about ourselves or express enough affection. It was magical, as corny as that sounds.

We have been together for a while now. He lives in Los Angeles, and I live in Orange County, so we've learned to compromise our time and manage to see each other at least four times a week. We've made sacrifices, dealt with life's painful lessons and supported each other through difficult decisions. We are best friends, loving each other unconditionally every day.

Will and I love to tell people how we met: it always knocks them off their feet! If you're on Match.com to meet wonderful people, you won't be disappointed. When you are relaxed and at peace with who you are and where you're at in life, everything will just "go your way." Trust me!

This online dating testimonial is courtesy of Match.com. Join Match.com Today and get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating, where your dreams really can come true. Read our Match.com Review for more information on this online dating service.


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