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  Dana and Gary Christian Cafe Testimonials  
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ChristianCafe.com is a Christian based singles site that is devoted to matching up Christian singles based on shared religious beliefs and values. Join the thousands of Christian singles that have already discovered the advantages and the opportunities at this great online dating site. Beyond their Christian membership base, Christian Cafe also provides all the great tools and effective features to help you meet other fun and exciting Christian singles for a chance at finding true love. Many grateful singles that have found their match at Christian Cafe are now telling their story of their new found love.

Please read this true story by former Christian Cafe members, Dana and Gary, about their faithful online meeting and the love that followed. In reading their story, we hope that it will rejuvenate your soul and grip your senses to realize what could be in store for you at Christian Cafe. We wish you the best in your faithful journey to finding someone truly special. Please come back and share your online success story with us and with other singles like yourself.

Dana and Gary - Christian CafeDana and Gary Testimonials
From Christian Cafe

It will almost be one year that I met my husband on your website. In July 2003 I began praying and asking the Lord for a husband. Around the same time frame my Pastor called me to come forward so that he could pray for me and then prophesied that the Lord was going to "link me up" with a powerful man of God and together we would shake the nations.

As with any word given I certainly prayed about it and hid those words in my heart with much excitement. Then maybe a week or so later I had 2 dreams. In the first dream I heard a knock at the door, then opened the door to find a man standing there that I greeted with a hug and a kiss. When I pulled back from him I saw on his shirt the words "Truth" then I woke up! In the second dream I was reading a newspaper then suddenly I saw the word "TRUTH" in big letters, and again I woke up.

After dreaming those dreams I really wondered "what could all of this mean? When browsing through ChristianCafe.com I came across an email from someone named Servant (which was really a suprise because my name was OneServant).

Instantly I was swept off my feet. We corresponded through email for a bit before chatting by phone. I think our first conversation lasted about 5 hours. He being in California, and I being in Hawaii, I asked him what brought him to the site. He believed the Lord was leading him to Hawaii so he began looking for a Christian friend in Hawaii, and there I was. Not long after he planned his first trip to Hawaii.

After meeting Him I learned that he worked in a business called "Spirit and Truth". I then recalled the 2 dreams i had about the word truth and felt the Lord revealing to me the connection between the two dreams and our meeting: I met him in a Christian Cafe ad, and his business is called Spirit and Truth. I felt the Lord had given us little faith pieces along the way even before we met so that we would know surely our coming together was from the Lord.

October 10, 2003 we exchanged wedding vows that we had both written -Barefoot on the Beach In Hawaii. The Lord answered my prayer and with the Help of ChristianCafe.com, gave me the God fearing man that i had long been praying for.

-- Dana-oneservant967 {Hawaii} & Gary-servant {California}, June 2004

These online dating testimonials are courtesy of ChristianCafe.com. If you have dreams of a wonderful relationship with a fellow Christian, try joining Christian Cafe Today and get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating. For more info on this online dating service, read our ChristianCafe.com Review.

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