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  Nancy and Joe Christian Cafe Testimonials  
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ChristianCafe.com is a Christian based singles site that is devoted to matching up Christian singles based on shared religious beliefs and values. Join the thousands of Christian singles that have already discovered the advantages and the opportunities at this great online dating site. Beyond their Christian membership base, Christian Cafe also provides all the great tools and effective features to help you meet other fun and exciting Christian singles for a chance at finding true love. Many grateful singles that have found their match at Christian Cafe are now telling their story of their new found love.

Please read this true story by former Christian Cafe members, Nancy and Joe, about their faithful online meeting and the love that followed. In reading their story, we hope that it will rejuvenate your soul and grip your senses to realize what could be in store for you at Christian Cafe. We wish you the best in your faithful journey to finding someone truly special. Please come back and share your online success story with us and with other singles like yourself.

Nancy and Joe - Christian CafeNancy and Joe Testimonials
From Christian Cafe

We are writing to share our joy with you all by posting this testimonial and a photo of our wedding day on August 7, 2004 against the backdrop of the beautiful lakeshore and cityscape of Chicago. We "met" briefly on ChristianCafe.com after reading each other's profile. We started corresponding via Quick Message on the site for a while, then privately through our home email; within a few weeks Joe called me on the phone, and after calling every day for a few months, we planned our first face to face visit.

Although we lived 800 miles apart and never anticipated that a long distance relationship would last, we felt it was the Lord's Hand that brought us together. We carried on a long distance committed relationship for over a year. We served together in the ministry which Joe leads in his church in Chicago and found that we had the same intensity of desire to serve the Lord in this way. We considered ourselves equally yoked in our love for Him and for our calling to serve Him. Our dreams and goals, to be fully submitted to Him wherever He leads, were identical.

We stuck together in our resolve to allow the Lord to be glorified in our lives despite some very hard circumstances in our families.

Praise God for His inexpressible gift! He saw fit to bring us together to love each other and serve Him for the rest of our lives together. We joyfully anticipate the fruit which can only come from hearts yielded fully to Him, whether that be in our own hearts, or in the transformation of hearts that we touch by acknowledging His name.

Thank you, Lord, and thank you, ChristianCafe.com and all the wonderful single brothers and sisters who crossed our paths.

I recommend ChristianCafe.com above all other sites to my single friends for the friendship and fellowship that can be had online. God bless you all.

-- Joe {Illinois} & Nancy, August 2004

These online dating testimonials are courtesy of ChristianCafe.com. If you have dreams of a wonderful relationship with a fellow Christian, try joining Christian Cafe Today and get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating. For more info on this online dating service, read our ChristianCafe.com Review.

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