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Meeting new singles for dates isn't always easy. If you need a quick primer on dating, these five great dating tips should help. Five simple pointers to uplift your game by turning miss opportunities into dating opportunities. Apply it to your dating repertoire and reap the rewards.

Don't pretend to be something you are not!
Don't try to meet people in locations where you would normally not want to hang out. If you aren't the club type, don't try to meet people at clubs. Don't try to sell yourself as the sensitive, tortured poet type at the local caf�, if that is not who you really are. In order to meet someone that you may have something in common with, try to do so in a place where you feel comfortable, because chances are they feel comfortable there to.

Don't be Conventional
Dinner and a movie. Dinner and a movie. Dinner and a movie�.anyone see a pattern here? Chances are, if you have been in the dating game for a while, you have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt when it comes to conventional dates. Try shaking it up a little. Afternoon into early evening dates can make for the best first dates because they seem to take the pressure off of the "evening" element. Picnics, wine-tasting or sporting events are all good afternoon type dates.

Go with the Flow
There are so many assumed "rules" to dating. Problem is, these "rules" are different for each and every person you date. Try doing what feels right, when it comes to the "rules". When to call, how many times to call, and how many dates before a kiss (I would pick one here!), all of these things will have dropped hints by your dating partner, just pay attention to the hints and you should be fine. Chances are, if you are dying to talk to them, they are probably thinking about you!

Be Flexible
There is a difference between following Tip #1 and not willing to try anything new. The worst thing about dating is the feeling of being uncomfortable, but you could miss out on someone great by not taking some small chances. Sometimes, knowing that your date is nervous or shy and seeing them really put forth an effort to have a good time is the greatest seller for future dates. And, that is the better way to get to do something you want to do the next time around, even if they are not that into it. It's all about compromise!!

Don't Settle
The great thing about chemistry is that it is there, or it's not. There is no denying whether or not you have a physical attraction to another person. It may develop or (sadly) fade over time, but it will always be there, in some amount, from the first time you meet. Of course, chemistry isn't all that it is needed for a successful relationship, but as far as I see it, it is definitely the beginning of the foundation. If you are trying to force yourself to feel something, the person you are with might either be feeling the same way, or setting themselves up for heart break. Be the bigger person and call it off, if it just isn't there.

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