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Want to know the truth about what to expect with online dating? Online dating is a safe, convenient and effective way to meet great singles online and explore the possibility of something more. It's a place where you can meet new friends, new dates and new love. There are hundreds of thousands of success stories to back up these claims. But overall, it should only be one of the many tools in your repertoire to meeting and dating great singles.

Please read this Match.com article on what men expect from online dating. This article offers a realistic approach to online dating and what it has in store for you. Incorporate the tips and suggestion offered here to help make your online dating experience an enjoyable one.

Match.comWhat Men Expect from Online Dating
By Matthew Sakey, Match.com

Online dating services, like Match.com, go a long way toward solving the difficulties associated with meeting people, but once the connection is made, the rest is still up to you. And since online dating reaches millions worldwide, people can have wildly different expectations and goals.

Expectations can be grouped by digital divide, general comfort level with using such services, experience with dating, and any number of other factors. Among the most critical may be the different expectations men and women have for online dating. So what do men expect from such a service?

Tips for Dating Men OnlineAsk some men, and the answer will be, "Not much." There is still a stigma wrongfully associated with electronic and online dating, and plenty of men out there labor under the mistaken impression that only basement-dwelling troglodytes who know more about Quake 3 than about social interaction could benefit from it.

Most men have about the same level of expectation as they do for a blind date: You're taking a risk, getting hooked up with someone you don't know based on a free profile. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But these men also realize that there are significant added benefits to online services. Unlike blind dates where you literally go in armed with almost no information, online dating offers the opportunity to communicate with your matches and get to know the people before you commit to a face-to-face meeting.

This is the critical differentiator for online matching services. They provide the capability to meet your match electronically and get to know her before you show up in the restaurant. Online daters don't stumble around blindly looking for someone based on a loose description. They've spoken on the phone, chatted over email, and exchanged photographs.

Very few people, men or women, get into online dating with a hard and fast expectation to find the perfect soul mate. People tend to be more realistic. It can and does happen (check out the true stories), but if you go in expecting the world, you're likely to come out disappointed.

Expectations for online dating should be no greater or less than expectations for any kind of dating – you're going to meet someone, and it may or may not work out perfectly. Dating is not like shopping for a car; you can't make a decision based on a test drive and financing options. Men who treat online dating like a retail purchase are usually the ones who wind up unhappy with the results.

Online dating is not a miracle solution for the lovelorn of the world. It's a tool to help people get to know others they might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. It helps take some of the stress and pressure out of the dating scene, leaving you free to enjoy yourself. Men who treat it as a possibility, not a guaranteed solution, are much less likely to be disappointed.

This online dating article is © Match.com and used with permission. Join Match.com Today to get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating, where millions of eligible singles await. For more info on this online dating service, read our Match.com Review and Match.com Testimonials.

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