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  Photos: Dateless Without One?  
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Would you be giddy if you had the opportunity to connect with millions of eligible singles? Would you be smiling if one of those connections were your next new dates? Would you be elated if your new date turned out to be the person that you have been waiting for?

So, why don't you include photos with your profile? It is a fact that profiles with photos will attract the attention of 15 times more singles than profiles without one. It is also well known that photos helps to make a great first impression by complementing the real you with the effervescent you. Lastly, they are going to ask for it anyway before they will agree to a date. Offer it now and be pleasantly surprise to what will come your way.

We offer this article by Match.com as additional food for thought for why you should include photos along with your profile. Do it today and see the difference in your inbox. You truly have everything to gain and nothing to lose by adding photos along with your profile.

Match.comPhotos: Dateless Without One?
By Venus, Match.com

Online Dating Photos
What's the first thing that makes you peek at someone's personal profile?
Interesting username9%
Attractive photo55%
Compelling headline11%
Right age10%
Close location12%
It's new or updated3%

Don't act like you're surprised. Don't you do it. You knew as well as I what the answer would be.

It was a foregone conclusion that most of the members surveyed would say that an attractive photo is what makes them read a profile.

How did you know?
No matter how you responded, you do the same thing. You run a quick search or custom search, get your results and immediately focus on the hunks and hotties with headshots.

You do it. You know you do.

Don't feel shallow 'cause there is no shame in this online dating game. Sometimes you can have the lamest headline on the page, but a cute photo will get you clicks every time.

How did I know?
I knew because I was the Goddess of Love when humans first discovered the tingle of romance and all the tingles that followed it. I was there when Anthony's tongue hit the floor at the sight of Cleopatra, and I kissed Shakespeare on the head when he penned Romeo's first vision of Juliet.

Please, honey. I knew.

I knew because a free profile with a photo gets 15 times more attention than profiles without one. I knew because I watch over your shoulders while you pass by a great match just because you're unsure what he or she looks like.

It's human nature: People want to see what they're getting into.

Love ain't blind, sweeties. It's got its eyes wide open so it won't miss a thing

This online dating article is © Match.com and used with permission. Join Match.com Today to get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating, where millions of eligible singles await. For more info on this online dating service, read our Match.com Review and Match.com Testimonials.

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