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Date.com is quickly becoming the top online destinations for singles because they effectively connect singles together for love and romance. This has resulted in many success stories and marriages from truly grateful Date.com users. These success stories of their new found relationships inspires us all to get out there and explore the opportunities of finding someone truly special.

Please read this remarkably fascinating story by Head_Turner and CaddyOnDubz about their Date.com connection. After reading their story, we hope that you will too share our sentiment about the great opportunities to be had with online dating and with Date.com. Head_Turner and CaddyOnDubz's successful experience with the services available at Date.com is something that everyone should try. We wish you great success in finding your special someone and please come back and share your online dating experiences with us and with other singles like yourself.

Head_Turner and CaddyOnDubz - Date.comHead_Turner and CaddyOnDubz Testimonal
From Date.com

Since I was 16 I have been on and off of different dating sites and seeing what's out there, I have met a few people from different sites & chatrooms, so I was used to meeting all the jerks (where it would seem like everything was perfect and then they never call you, or they are too into you and you can't be bothered). It seemed like I was never ever going to find that "one" that everyone is always talking about, and I was basically ready to give up on this whole dating thing all together...

One day I received an interest from this guy CaddyOnDubz, I looked at his picture and thought oh geez here is another wannabe thug... but he was really cute, and then I saw how far away he lived (I am in NY and he's in NH), and I figured that we would just give interest and that would be it. Well, one day I saw him online and I got so excited because I was interested and you never know, I will always try and see what happens. We talked online for a little bit and then I gave him my phone number (I love the NH accent, so I had to hear his voice). We talked for 6 hours about everything and anything and I was excited to get to know him (Loved his voice and the accent, I still poke fun at some of the things he says, lol). We met back in January 2004, and every since then have talked on the phone everyday, with the exception of only a few days of his 2 week long trip to Italy (yes he called me from Italy!!!) I have enjoyed all of my conversations with him and he was becoming my best friend, we talk about everything, there is nothing that I can't tell Jonnie! We were Valentine's via mail, we were each others "Easter bunny", and I received postcards from every place that he visited in Italy!!!!

I always say "It was love at first type"

I was nervous to have him come here because what if we didn't like each other in person or worse my parents didn't like him (they never like anyone), but we decided to go ahead and meet. He took the four and a half hour trip to get here just to see if we wanted to try this - he is the biggest sweetheart! He got here with my favorite flowers in hand (so romantic) and that was it, the parents love him, the whole family did, my friends like him - but most of all I could see myself with him, this could possibly be my "one"... He is coming to visit again and then I am taking a trip to see him and meet his family. I have an awesome feeling about how this will work out. I just can't wait to share life with him and see where this will lead....

Jonnie is everything I have hoped for and more, I just want to thank Date.com for making this possible!

This online dating testimonial is courtesy of Date.com. Join Date.com Today and get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating, where your dreams really can come true. Read our Date.com Review for more information on this online dating service.


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