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Date.com is quickly becoming the top online destinations for singles because they effectively connect singles together for love and romance. This has resulted in many success stories and marriages from truly grateful Date.com users. These success stories of their new found relationships inspires us all to get out there and explore the opportunities of finding someone truly special.

Please read this remarkably fascinating story by Merrily and Southerngentleman about their Date.com connection. After reading their story, we hope that you will too share our sentiment about the great opportunities to be had with online dating and with Date.com. Merrily and Southerngentleman's successful experience with the services available at Date.com is something that everyone should try. We wish you great success in finding your special someone and please come back and share your online dating experiences with us and with other singles like yourself.

Merrily and Southerngentleman - Date.comMerrily and Southerngentleman Testimonal
From Date.com

I had just escaped the worst relationship and was regrouping at my parents home in June of 2002. We made a visit to see my aunt and uncle and cousin in another state. My cousin put my picture and info on Date.com and I laughed. She told me to tell her when to click when she came upon a cute guy. I thought what the heck... I was not ready for anything but I thought it might be fun. I saw southerngentleman and she clicked. After that day I thought about his face and how kind it was. I started checking everyday to see if he had shown interest in me. Nothing!!

Merrily and Southerngentleman - Date.comOne afternoon I was with a friend and he let me check my email. I skipped over to Date.com and he had not only shown interest but sent me a note. We began emailing and he soon asked me for a date, and my mother was very upset - she didn't want me to go anywhere with him. I told him NO!! We began to talk on the phone and one evening my mother came outside and suggested I ask him to come to my sisters birthday party. He jumped at the chance. As soon as I saw him face to face I loved him.

We were married July 19, 2003 and we just built a new home. I know that God sent him to me because I had prayed so hard for him. He is just about perfect. Thanks Date.com for opening the door that led me to my sweetheart!! By the way, my mother adores him, as does the rest of my family!! Thanks again!

This online dating testimonial is courtesy of Date.com. Join Date.com Today and get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating, where your dreams really can come true. Read our Date.com Review for more information on this online dating service.


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