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Online dating services like Match.com are growing at a blistering pace because millions of singles are finding out that it is truly the way to meet new and exciting singles. Their stories are truly inspirational and bring with it a realization that anyone one of us can achieve the same success by taking advantage of the useful knowledge and helpful suggestion shared by former Match.com users.

This testimonial, Only Five Miles Away, is a true story of online dating success from a Match.com member. It's a great account of how Match.com was successfully used to meet other quality singles. These success stories are very beneficial to new Match.com members because they can pick up useful tips and learn how to effectively use online dating services to achieve their ultimate relationship goal.

Match.comOnly Five Miles Away
From Match.com

I posted my profile on Match.com after a friend dared me to do it. I had been divorced for over five years and seemed destined to be alone. I was working two jobs and going to school full-time while enjoying a new granddaughter. Having just come out of a bad relationship, I decided that I didn't want anything serious – just a good friend to enjoy dinner out and a movie together. Steve had also been in a relationship that didn't work out, and he'd pretty much been staying at home for about three years. He moved into a new apartment and made it through the holiday season when he realized that he, too, wanted a friend. He wasn't really looking for a mate and made that clear from the beginning – just like me.

Match.com TestimonialHis first email to me was very simple: "If you'd like to talk and be friends, let me know, and we can write." We emailed each other, and it turned out that we worked about 10 miles apart, lived less than five miles apart and had grown up within 20 miles of each other. Our first conversation lasted for three hours. It was unreal how much we had in common. We hit it off immediately and everything just clicked.

I knew Steve was someone special when I broke my arm soon after we started dating. Now, how many men do you know who would cook, clean, drive you to school at night and wait on you for four hours to drive you home, take care of things around your house and, most importantly, try to fix your hair with a curling iron so you could go to work looking halfway presentable?

Just let me finish by saying our wedding on November 23rd was beautiful: our friends were thrilled, and everyone contributed. My best friend's husband even married us. It was a dream come true – not only for Steve and me, but also for our dearest friends and family, who were thrilled to see us so happy. There wasn't a dry eye in the place when we exchanged our vows. Thanks, Match.com!

This online dating testimonial is courtesy of Match.com. Join Match.com Today and get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating, where your dreams really can come true. Read our Match.com Review for more information on this online dating service.


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