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  I Met the Love of My Life at 45  
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Online dating services like Match.com are growing at a blistering pace because millions of singles are finding out that it is truly the way to meet new and exciting singles. Their stories are truly inspirational and bring with it a realization that anyone one of us can achieve the same success by taking advantage of the useful knowledge and helpful suggestion shared by former Match.com users.

This testimonial, I Met the Love of My Life at 45, is a true story of online dating success from a Match.com member. It's a great account of how Match.com was successfully used to meet other quality singles. These success stories are very beneficial to new Match.com members because they can pick up useful tips and learn how to effectively use online dating services to achieve their ultimate relationship goal.

Match.comI Met the Love of My Life at 45
From Match.com

I had been a subscriber to Match.com for over a year. I was meeting wonderful people, but not the particular woman I was searching for. Then I found Gia, and she seemed perfect – educated, intelligent and sensitive, with an innate curiosity about life. It was uncanny just how similar we were.

Match.com TestimonialsUnfortunately, before we could meet, Gia informed me that she had decided to pursue another relationship. I was disappointed, but I remained optimistic and continued to look for my elusive perfect match. A month passed, and Gia�s profile reappeared on Match.com. I contacted her immediately, and we set up a date for a few days later.

Our first date was very modest – dinner at my house. We went shopping for groceries and then prepared a simple meal. It was relaxed and casual and very comfortable. Our first meeting only reinforced what I already knew: Gia was somebody very special.

With each date, the attraction increased. We talked about marriage right from the beginning, and it seemed as if we were only waiting for an appropriate length of time to pass before making that commitment. As divorced individuals, we both came into the relationship with the typical baggage – fears of commitment, bruised egos, and so on, but we were able to overcome all obstacles.

Nine months after our first date, I proposed to Gia. Six weeks after that, we signed a contract to build our dream home in Fort Lauderdale. We'll be married November 23, and our house will be completed soon after. I've been living a fantasy life, and I'd like to thank Match.com for allowing me to meet the woman of my dreams. At 45-years-old, we both feel like we're experiencing the love of our lives, and that's an incredible feeling!

This online dating testimonial is courtesy of Match.com. Join Match.com Today and get started yourself in the exciting world on online dating, where your dreams really can come true. Read our Match.com Review for more information on this online dating service.


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